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Be Unapologetically You! Heal Yourself. Manifest A Life You Want.

Being yourself takes courage and finding yourself takes time, why is this? Shouldn’t both of these things just come naturally to us? Well, initially they do! We are born being our most pure and authentic selves. We don’t know or understand hate or even difference, we start out accepting everything and everyone just as they are because we don’t know any different. Essentially we are born extremely connected to our higher selves but eventually, we are conditioned out of it in some form. If you’re lucky you’ve always been true to yourself; if you’re human you’ve probably had some bumps along the way.

It’s normal to become detached from the spiritual self it happens to most of us at some point. We take on the behaviors of our parents and are conditioned by other kids at school. We eventually realize that to fit in we have to be accepted and to be accepted we have to fit into the box of what is considered “normal”. What is normal? We are always asking that question yet we are very quick to point the finger when something is “not normal”.

I always had many friends but yet I felt like I never fit in. I didn’t understand it then but I understand now that I was trying to be someone that I wasn’t.

  1. When I liked something and someone else didn’t I suddenly found a way to not like it anymore.

  2. When I spoke up for myself and got shut down I started to think that what I had to say wasn’t important.

  3. When I wanted to go somewhere or do something or try something new and those ideas were not well received, I just quit trying.

These are all examples of how along the line we believe what other people tell us about ourselves and then we allow it to detach us from who we really are.

This is where inner healing comes in. Did you know that you have an inner child that is begging to be nurtured? A higher-self that is trying everything it can to get you to reconnect with it? We hold so much power yet we allow it to be taken away.

Truth be told if everyone just accepted themselves as they were the world would be a much happier place. Trying to be someone or something you’re not will throw you out of complete alignment. If you’re not careful, it can throw you into depression as well.

I tried for 20 something years to be someone that I wasn’t. I tried to convince myself that the experiences I was having weren’t real. That there was no reason to be afraid of going to sleep and that I could live a normal life. I even tried to convince myself that I was just crazy so that I could deal with all that I was experiencing on my own when it came to being an intuitive.

I knew that I was meant to do something more than what I was told I could do. I felt it, something was guiding me always but I didn’t know how to get in touch with it.

Eventually, I was guided and pulled to do my own self-healing.

When I started I felt like a total tool. Seriously! I asked myself what I was doing and thinking constantly as I worked through my processes. It was normal for me to talk down to myself and talk myself out of anything that wasn’t “conventional” because that is what I was used too.

Where I came from it wasn’t “normal” to tell you’re self you’re amazing or awesome or that one day you would have all of your debt paid off.

Where I came from you got a job that paid the bills, whatever cards you were dealt were the ones you were to keep forever, and showing yourself love immediately meant you were selfish. Everyone else was supposed to come first and you were supposed to come last even if you were miserable…because “it’s not about you”.

Oh, and I was taught not to ask questions…How the hell can one grow if they don’t ask questions and everything is just the way it is? I always knew there was a better way, I just didn’t know how to get there.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Eventually, I started doing the self-work and it wasn’t easy. Even though I didn’t know them at the time, I let my spirit guides take me into deep meditations. Here, they showed me repressed memories, things about myself I didn’t want to admit, and ways that I had been holding myself back.

Notice that I didn’t say how I was being held back? That’s something I learned too…we can’t blame any of our circumstances on someone else. Everything that comes into our experience and the way that we react to it all has to do with us.

I was a very miserable person, a negative person, and I had a lot of debt. What do these things have in common?? My vibration.

When I started doing the work I started seeing little shifts in the world around me. I started responding better to situations beyond my control. My debts started to decrease or I was given a raise. I started to live life the way I wanted and no longer cared about the judgment and let me tell ya at the beginning of my transition there sure was a lot of it.

I was mocked for my new found positivity and was told that I shouldn’t expect “magic” to just happen and that I was 20 something years old. On other occasions I was told that being a glorified secretary was good enough because it paid well and that it was a job, I wasn’t supposed to be happy.

You would think that people you love would be happy to see these shifts in your world but instead, people tend to become uncomfortable with the new you. This is has nothing to do with you they are just uncomfortable with things changing around them and they are not yet on that path. Don’t let this hold you back.

As I worked through these processes life shifted and I became much happier. I manifested so much it was crazy, I was on a roll and a spiritual high. Speaking of spiritual my gifts were blossoming simultaneously.

I’m just here to tell you that we all have hurdles and we are all out of alignment at some point along the way and it’s ok. What isn’t ok is staying there knowing that you have healing to do and that you’re unhappy. Don’t let anyone tell you that good enough is good enough.

You have the ability to heal yourself, to heal your past, and to take control of your experiences. Want to know how? Take the sacred self-healing journey with me. I will walk you through all the same processes that I experienced and get you out of your conditions and into a life you want to experience. Are you brave enough to dig deep, reveal, and heal yourself and your life?

Check it out here! You can be better and you can do better because you deserve better!

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