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Are Your Chakras Too Opened Or Too Closed? Unbalanced Chakras And Their Symptoms

Are Your Chakras Unbalanced?

We all know that life can get a little crazy sometimes and in the midst of it all when we have to drop something from our agenda to make room for another task, self-care is usually the first thing to go. When we neglect our bodies and energetic needs our entire system can get knocked out of whack! Are you maintaining balance in your life? Taking a good look at the chakra system might give you a clue!

Our chakras are energetic centers within the body. They directly correlate to moods, emotions, and even physical symptoms. When your chakras are unbalanced you will likely see it in your daily experiences.

The chakras can be both too opened and too blocked.

The Crown

When the crown chakra is too opened you might feel flighty and disconnected. It might be hard for you to concentrate and focus. The crown chakra helps us to connect with the divine and with our spiritual side. When this chakra is too open we become ungrounded, have trouble connecting with those around us, and feel disconnected from our physical surroundings.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when this chakra is blocked you may find that you have a hard time connecting on a spiritual level. You may experience difficulty meditating and receiving intuitive hits. You may find that you only see one perspective and have trouble accepting anything but what has been laid before you.

The Third-Eye

When the third-eye chakra is too open you may be seeing things that you aren’t ready for. You may be accidentally tapping into other people’s energy or feeling overwhelmed by the amount of intuitive and energetic information you’re receiving. When your third eye is too open you may be seeing things clairvoyantly around the clock…which can be quite distracting!

When the third-eye chakra is blocked it may be hard for you to see clairvoyantly. It will also be difficult for you to visualize, appreciate aesthetics, and see from all perspectives. Our third-eye helps us to see things differently and without biased. It helps to assist in creativity and vision when it becomes blocked all of these areas are affected.

The Throat Chakra

If your throat chakra is a bit too open you may find yourself saying whatever comes to mind without thinking first. You may find that your words are hurting and affecting others with or without intention.

The throat chakra becomes blocked easily and often. When we don’t speak our truth, follow our hearts, and respond to what serves us, our throat chakra starts to close. Sore throats, lowered confidence, and being taken advantage of are all signs that your throat chakra may be unbalanced!

The Heart chakra

When your heart chakra is too open you will find that your emotions are constantly surging. You may be overly emotional and extremely empathic. You may also find that you’re saying “yes” to things that don’t serve you.

It’s also very easy for the heart chakra to become blocked as we move through daily situations and interact with those around us. When your heart is too blocked you may experience chest pain, lack of empathy, and feel like you’re isolated.

For an in-depth write up on the heart chakra check out this article!

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Your solar plexus is the seed to your soul – your energetic filtration system! When it is too open you may feel like life is chaotic. You may obsess over your vanity in an unhealthy way or be overly competitive. When your solar plexus is a bit too open you may find yourself being more dominating than usual.

When your solar plexus is blocked you may lack self-love, self-commitment, and self-discipline. You may experience poor digestion and feel sluggish.

More on the solar plexus here!

The Sacral Chakra

The center for all things sexual and creative! When this chakra is overly active you might experience a manic euphoria and addictive behaviors. You may notice that you lack boundaries and experience excessive emotions.

When this chakra is blocked you may experience lack of creativity and sexual drive. You may experience a lack of self-love, ambition, and the desire to socialize!

The Root Chakra

When the root chakra is overactive you may find that you’re overly grounded and logical. You may find that you become critical and cynical of others. You may try to hold very tightly to anything that you feel brings security and stability.

When the root chakra is blocked you may be ungrounded and feel insecure. You may be in fight or flight mode. You may experience financial troubles, anxiety, and fearfulness!

These are just a few of the symptoms that manifest when our chakras are unbalanced. When we are balanced in our chakras we feel connected yet grounded. Self-disciplined yet fluid. Happy yet content. Driven while still loving ourselves enough to know when to rest.

To balance the chakras focus on them, nurture them, and meditate on them! Work with your chakras to bring balance to mind, body, and spirit!

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