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Are You Thriving Or Surviving? Ascension Survival Kit!

Are You Thriving Or Surviving? Ascension Survival Kit!

Are you thriving or just surviving? 2020 has been an intense year, to say the least. We have undergone so many life shifting events. The rug has been pulled out from under us a few times but I think, overall, our eyes and senses have been awakened. The past year has granted us the opportunity to dig deep, heal, and ascend. In fact, we are ascending whether we like it or not!

Throughout the year, I’ve had moments where I was completely thriving like never before and moments where I was hardly surviving mentally and emotionally. I am sure you can relate! 

I look at this season of life as the ultimate learning experience. There were so many things we had to face within ourselves, our country, and our belief systems that could no longer be shied away from. In January, when I did the reading for 2020, my spirit guides told me that those who were willing to do the self-work would have an easier time navigating the coming year and those who were unwilling would be forced whether they liked it or not. I had no idea that this was what they were talking about though! 

Globally, we are experiencing a massive shift and ascension, even if we can’t see it. Life has never looked like this before and I truly believe, as a species, we are finding more ways to be nurturing and caring toward one another. 

This is a time to learn to love on a deeper level than ever before.

  1. It’s the time to learn what energy feels like

  2. It’s time to learn to love yourself

  3. It’s time to stop relying on what is outside of you to fulfill you. 

2020 has been a time to be still and shift our attention to what really matters: our own healing. 

As you heal, you heal the world! When you shift your thoughts, perspective, and elevate your vibration, you break lineage programming.

 2020 was never meant to hold us back; it was here as an opportunity to spiritually BREAK FREE of what isn’t serving us! 

2020 has given me (and you) the opportunity to see things differently. I took this year to dig deep and heal quite a few stories that were left in my energy. It has been incredibly painful and blissful to sit with and let go of limiting patterns, toxic relationships, and toxic beliefs. 

You deserve to shift and heal. You deserve to be thriving instead of just surviving!

 Life is meant to be beautiful and it still is. Plus, I wholeheartedly believe that on the other side of this, our world is going to be even more amazing than before. 

We have got to take advantage of these energies and this time to find what speaks to us. What is YOUR truth? What do you feel in your gut is true vs. what is being given to you… in all circumstances? Global situations, relationships, stories about who you are? 

2020 is a year of great ascension and I believe you get to start thriving right now! Below, I have listed supportive articles and tools as a sort of Ascension Survival Kit! Enjoy!

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