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An Emotionally Charged Message

The more readings I do the clearer the message and the clearer the image. Lately I have been seeing flashes of light, energy in the air, and spirit around the clock. It’s wonderful and I absolutely love it! I am truly so thankful for this gift.

With clarity comes stronger messages, sometimes these are messages that are hard for me to deliver. I don’t mean they are hard for me to verbalize or write down on paper but emotionally it can be difficult.

Last night I gave a reading and let me tell ya, this guy had tons of spirits lining up to talk to him! His grandfather even came to me a few hours before the session!

I described his grandfather and told him that his grandfather happened to be one of his main spirit guides. The client was super excited about this because he had never met his grandfather but had a serious emotional attachment to him and never knew why. Once introduced his grandfather started talking about my client’s wife and their current situation.

The grandfather kept warning of an illness that the wife had and it was making my stomach churn.

I almost had to end the session because it was making me so ill, I called in my guides and asked for their assistance and I got through it.I told the client what I had picked up and he validated the message. His wife had been sick for quite a long time but recently it had become much worse, luckily this was information he already knew.

Delivering such an emotionally charged message was not an easy task for me. While spirit will not give a message to someone if they are not ready to hear it, as a human being I practice a level of discernment. It is up to me to deliver the messages in a way that best serves the client and while it may be difficult for me to deliver I always keep my client’s best interest at heart.

This client also had some very positive and uplifting messages from an aunt and a friend who had passed away. What a strong spirit team he had; it was a pleasure working with them!

If you’re ready to connect with your loved one’s on the other side, click here! 



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