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Am I Manifesting The Wrong Way?

Am I Manifesting The Wrong Way?We talk so often about our wires getting crossed, but really, are those wires even connecting? Lately, spirit has added a new symbol to my psychic library and it’s been a game changer! During a coaching session a few days ago, spirit showed me an interesting image while talking to my client about manifesting. 

Manifesting happens when we align our intentions and desires with the vibration of the universe. We, as humans, think we have to be the ones to create what we want by working hard for it and making it happen. The universe says “have fun, let go, allow, and I will make it happen.” Yet we don’t trust this and get so frustrated when all of our hard work doesn’t create the results we yearn for!  I’ve been teaching manifestation for years and I know that we have to ask and believe, but we also have to feel and take inspired action. After that, if we’ve become a true vibrational match, then our manifestations should be tangible, right? 

What if you’re doing everything right and you’re still not manifesting what you want? Are you manifesting the wrong way?There is no right or wrong way to use the Law of Attraction because, honestly, it is always at work. We can’t stop it but we can speed it up! 

Manifesting happens when there is true emotion and feeling behind our thoughts, words, and actions. Why do you think it’s so easy to have a bad moment in your day then quickly spiral into an entirely bad day? Your feelings are so real and your anger is so strong, that the signal you’re putting out is “this is my vibration. I am a vibrational match for feeling this way. Give me more!”

The universe doesn’t understand yes or no, good or bad. Manifestation is a product of your energy – the universe matches what you put out! When we try to create something or “manifest” and work really hard to get that thing, we actually create resistance. There is a difference between working hard towards an inspired action and working hard because you think it’s the only way. They are two totally different energies! 

Inspired action feels guided. It feels like you’re pulled to do something, pulled to take action, pulled to create or work. Yes, that may be hard work, but it will feel like work you’re passionate about or like work your soul is calling you to do. You will know you have to do it and you may not know why! 

Hard work because “you’re supposed to” feels like work. I love the work that I do, but I don’t work just because I am supposed to. I work because I feel guided. When I produce because I feel like I have to, it shows.  When we take action because the ego or human mind says:

  1. This is the only way to get what you want. 

  2. No earning without working. 

  3. Anything worth having is worth suffering over. It creates an energy of resistance. These feelings and emotions are entirely different energies than inspired action and make it almost impossible to manifest fluidly. When you put this energy out, the universe says “oh okay! She loves the struggle, so here’s a roadblock. She loves to be on her own, so let’s show her she’s the only support she has.”

Do you see? Manifesting is all about energy. It doesn’t mean no work is involved, but it does require your work to be in flow and feel good vibrationally.At the beginning of the article, I said spirit added to my psychic library (to learn more about building your own psychic library check out Mediumship Diving Deeper!). Here is what they showed me: two bronze wires, both frayed at the ends. One wire was coming from my client and one was from the universe.  I was shown that when we try to force those wires together, they almost never connect. And if they do, the connection is weak and frayed. When we hold ours steady and ALLOW the universe to bring theirs to us, manifestation happens easily and a lot more quickly! This visualization helped my client finally click in to what I’ve been teaching all along! Let it be easy and let it come to you! 

If you want to manifest or even connect with spirit, use the message they’ve been giving me lately: “Feelings, not force. Be ready for what is coming to you. Generate the energy and allow the universe to connect to your frequency!”

I hope this article helped you to really click into how manifestation works! Coaching is a great way to get guidance and direction in all areas of your life from mindset to intuition to business. I work with spirit throughout each session to get inspired and customized action steps for you to evolve into your best you yet! Let’s do this! 

I have just opened up my new 3-month coaching program! 


The benefits of this coaching package – 

  1. Together, with your spirit team, we are literally going to change your mind. You’re going to see yourself, your life, and others in a new light.

  2. We are going to find those feelings and blocks you just haven’t been able to put your finger on. You’re going to crack open, reveal, and heal what’s been hiding deep within you.

  3. You’re going to learn to tap into your inner guidance system in a very down to earth way. You’re going to receive guidance from your Higher-self (and develop a relationship with him/her). You’re going to connect with your spirit guides

  4. Actual happiness. Plain and simple. The closer we get to our true and authentic selves the happier we naturally become. No more searching for outside fulfillment.

  5. Abundance. Whether you’re looking to change your current situation or take an already thriving business to the next level, you’re going to evolve in major energetic ways. Our work together will have you feeling abundant in all areas of life…because we are crushing old stories and re-writing “life-blueprints.”

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