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A Channeled Message From The Higher Self | “You Have Always Been And Always Will Be.”

A Channeled Message From The Higher Self

Dear You,

You are me and I am you. I was here before you came to body and I will be here when you enter the next. I have never left you and I have never strayed far. I have always been and I always will be, this means that you dear one always have been and always will be. With so much magic and so much light, how can you see yourself as anything less than?

Have the situations in the world made you escape your one true reality? The only reality that ever was?

You are all that has ever been and all that ever will be. You are the stars, the moon, the sky, mother earth, the collective energies, you are the ether. You are it all.

You always have been and you always will be.

You didn’t happen by accident – no matter what matters of the heart brought you here to the world.

Perhaps you don’t see it right now but you’re needed. Your light is needed, your voice, your kindness, your heart.

The way you look at people brings them to ease and for others it makes them question who they are.

Strangers need your light, your family needs your light, the universe feels your light. You dear one are the only one who can’t feel what a gift to this planet that you are.

You’re not here by accident.

Every moment in your past no matter how trying, how complicated, how manipulative, it put you here. Maybe this is the brightest day of your life or maybe it’s your darkest. Either way you need my message.

You are light. You are needed. You hold SO MUCH value.

You are all that ever has been and all that will ever be.

Miracles are everywhere and you are one. No matter the pain in your heart you’re being called to release it now. Start today anew. No matter the vengeance you hold release it and start today anew.

The past is but a thought for in this moment it is not real anymore unless you allow it to be. Your true nature is light, your true nature is love. Let yourself blossom.

You hold yourself back out of fear. Fear of what they might think or do or say but dear one… you are all that has ever been and all that will ever be.

It doesn’t matter. Nothing but your light and your authenticity and who you are at your core matter. Because when you step in and embrace that light you become.

  1. You become the stars

  2. The moon

  3. You become the light

  4. You become the trees

  5. Your neighbor

  6. The children

  7. You become the rocks

  8. The garden

The pain leaves and is shifted into a higher knowing a higher purpose when you move into love.

You embody love and thus bliss.

When you step into love you step into all that has ever been and all that will ever be.


The Higher Self ____________________________________________

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