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9 Ways To Get What You Want From The Universe | Law Of Attraction

How do you get what you want from the universe? Getting what you want from the universe isn’t as hard as you might think. I understand that some people think it’s a bunch of hocus pocus but believeeee you me, with the right attitude you can get just about anything you want from the guys upstairs. It’s called the Law of Attraction and…it works!

A few days ago I was in the car with my wonderfully down to Earth hubby and we were having a conversation surrounding the law of attraction. Long story short he claimed to not believe in it which raised a few questions from me….

“How do you think we got our home, my job, our life? How do you think it works when athletes use visualization as a tool? How sir, do you think, that you made it to the city of your dreams doing what you love with all of your heart? Why do you think things around you just seem to flow?”

He answered:

“Yes, all of those things happen because of the attitude you’re putting towards them. You have to believe you can do something or it will never happen. You have to be positive if you want a positive outcome and learn from your failures. If you’re negative then yea, bad things will probably happen for you.”

Facepalm… I told him he literally just explained the law of attraction to me. Like, literally…

He started laughing and told me that was just life, not a universal law. The thing is, this is the law of the universe and thus it is life. Full circle.

So, how do YOU get what YOU want from the Universe?

  1. Raise your vibe! As mentioned before a positive vibe is going to bring about positive things. A negative vibe will likely bring about less than positive experiences.

  2. Get clear on what you want and why you want it. If you don’t know exactly what and why you want something the universe won’t either! Feel into it!

  3. Match the vibration of what you’re wanting to attract! If you want to experience a loving relationship then embody love! If it’s more abundance you’re seeking tell yourself you are abundant and be grateful for what you already have. Live an abundant life, give to yourself and to others as much as you can. Give your time, your love, your skills!

  4. Meditate on it and Visualize it! Hold your attention on what you want for at least a full minute. See yourself living your life as if you have manifested what you desire. Walk through the scenes of your ideal life and feel it within your body!

  5. Create a vision board!

  6.  Use affirmations!

  7. “I AM” is a powerful powerful statement. Say things like “I am living in a home I love with a partner I love” instead of “I hope that one day I will have the house of my dreams and someone to love me”

  8. Journal!

  9. Be diligent. Be consistent. Be patient!

The universe knows exactly what it’s doing. Realize that we often start manifesting things long before we ever know that we are.

The universe responds to thought so remember where your attention goes energy flows! Whatever you’re focused on (good or bad) is what you’re going to experience. Focus on the thing you want and why you want it!

And remember it’s best not to be too specific so that you don’t limit yourself. I always say “I am receiving _____ or better” this way if what or who I am trying to manifest is not for my best and highest good I won’t be blocked. Instead, I will receive more and better of what my soul is aligned with!

Happy manifesting Y’all!

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