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 8 Empath Protection Tips

 8 Empath Protection Tips

Are you an empath? If you’re someone that takes on the moods, emotions, or even physical ailments of another then you, my friend are an empath. The word itself has a bad rap because most people see being an empath as more of a curse than a blessing. This is because many of us struggle to notice that our unexplainable exhaustion, moodiness, and unidentified anxiety is coming from a source outside of us.and might not actually be “ours.”

As an empath, it is imperative that you learn how to not only protect your energy but also how to identify when you’re absorbing someone else’s. I promise that once you learn how to manage your empathic “gifts,” you will drastically improve your quality of life!

Empaths are the ultimate healers but did you know that empaths and other intuitives whose gifts go unmanaged often turn to substances as a way to deal with their unexplainable anxiety and sometimes depression? To avoid or change that path let’s take a look inside of the Empath’s toolkit and dive into 12 empath protection tips, shall we?

The Empaths Toolkit – 8 Empath Protection Tips

Put Yourself First – Honor Your Authenticity

Dear moms, dads, and recovering people pleasers it’s time you start putting your wellbeing first. No this does not mean you neglect your children or responsibilities and become a selfish individual. It means you begin to honor who you are and what you need in each moment. Can an empty cup fill another? No. Do they tell passengers on a flight to put on their air masks first for a good reason? Yes!

When you start to notice your energy depleting or when something in your gut tells you to say no, take heed. You have an internal guidance system that will tell you who and what situations serve you at any given time if you just listen.

Is this an excuse to get out of everything you don’t absolutely LOVE to do? No. It is, however, your first step towards self-love and reconnecting with your authentic self.

When you reconnect with higher-self many things in life start to shift. You will start to see that your vibration rises, you become happier, you judge less, and people and situations don’t seem to affect you the way they did in the past.

Learn to love yourself, learn to listen to what your gut is telling you (you are an empath after all), and allow yourself to be guided. When someone or something doesn’t serve you and your soul is pointing this out to you it’s ok to lovingly decline for yourself and in compassion for another.

Set Loving Boundaries

This again has to do with honoring yourself by teaching other people how to treat you. You see when we honor ourselves we start to put that vibration out there. By internally stating what we are and are not willing to accept into our energy and reality the universe and other people start to respond.

Lisa Nichols says we teach other people how to treat us and she is absolutely right! If you don’t love yourself and you talk down to yourself, often it likely shows up in some area of your life. Perhaps your spouse walks all over you, the kids don’t listen, or at work, you never get the promotion you’re more than deserving of.

When we start to fill ourselves up, reflect confidence, and set the boundaries that we are unwilling to take on the emotional baggage of others it shows! Promotions pop-up, our relationships strengthen, and almost magically you’re filled with more energy because others aren’t weighing you down with theirs!

Remember you are a light!

We are all lights, and we are all energy which is the main reason that we empaths can feel the energy of others. Since your light is so bright many souls in search of healing naturally flock to you because like it or not my friend you’re the best kind of healer!

Empaths often get drained, depressed, anxious, and even grumpy because of all the energy they are absorbing and not clearing out. Many teachers will tell you to cut those people out of your life that aren’t serving you. I say they are still teaching you something so let it happen organically.

Here is what I suggest:

  1. Work on seeing all people as a soul.

  2. When you shift into this perspective, it’s easier to see that we are all doing our best with the current knowledge and viewpoint that we have.

  3. Be the light for someone else!

  4. Don’t ignore what they are saying when they are sad, angry, or frustrated but don’t take it on either. Help to shine a light on a situation if you can! Where can you bring in a positive perspective? What lesson might they be missing in this situation? Of course, don’t be a condescending know-it-all about it but genuinely be a light.

Our jobs as intuitives and empaths are to bring light to the world and to help those around us heal. By simply living a spiritual life and seeing things on a grander scale we can teach others through action not by shoving our beliefs down their throats.

If all else fails, preserve your energy by making space. It often helps to give yourself a time limit with the person or people that continuously drain you.

  1. Always approach them wiht love and compassion.

  2. Have your personal boundaries set internally.

  3. Let them know off the bat that you have a time limit.

  4. And if possible take the interaction or phonecall outside!

It is so easy for stagnant energy to fill the air in an enclosed space creating what I like to call “thick air”. I love to have family gatherings outside for this reason! Even when it’s not bad a lot of different energies mixing and tension building will be felt!

Be respose-able

Yes, I just made that up but it’s the truth, and I really like it so I’m sticking with it as corny as it may be!

We are responsible for our emotions and our reactions. Every thought we think, word we speak, and response we have it our response-ability (BAM did it again).

When you start to control these things you shift in a significant way. You tell the universe that those boundaries you set are firm, that you’re willing to see the bigger picture, and that you are the one in charge of your energy!

I have so many articles on this topic but here is one of my favs!

Pick an affirmation to help you!

When times get tough (and they will this is life… we are here to grow) pick a mantra or affirmation that reminds you that you are in control!

I always use this affirmation: “I choose peace over this. I choose peace over this.”

So whether it’s bumper to bumper traffic, screaming children, a moody spouse, or I am just in a crappy mood myself – I remind myself I am response-able and peace is always within my reach!

Ground, clear, visualize and stay connected.

We are a spirit having a human experience which means we have two very real “bodies” we have to take care of. (See intuitive wellness here)

It is imperative that we balance both our physical bodies by grounding and our spirit bodies by staying connected.

You’re also going to want to clear your energy daily! You can sweep your energy and call any fragments left behind back to you!

To do this do a grounding, clearing, and protecting meditation! You can also grab training on all of this here!

Create a sacred space!

Having your own little corner of the word that has your own energy in it is invaluable! My sister sat in my office chair one time and with an enthusiastic burst said:

“Whoa! Ashley! I don’t know what it is and I’ve never felt energy in my life, but I feel so happy and so positive right now! This is insane…all I did was sit in your chair. Something about this room is different.”

She’s right! My office is my sacred space, and I intentionally make it that way! Now you don’t have to have an office it can be a corner of a room if that’s all you have!

Learn discernment and how to utilize your clairsentience!

As an empath, you’re likely also very clairsentient! This means that you feel things. You likely get gut feelings, have tingles on your skin or crown, can sense a person’s character, get feelings about places, etc.

This is another intuitive gift that many people think it just coincidence or even them being judgemental. If you learn how to tune into your clairsentience, it’s incredibly valuable for life direction.

Here is what tapping into your clairsentience can do for you:

  1. It can help you to discern your emotions/feelings/anxieties from another

  2. Clairsentience can tell you if you should not trust someone or a situation

  3. It can pull you in a different direction helping you to avoid traffic, car accident, etc.

  4. Your clairsentience can clue you into your soul family!

  5. If you’ve ever had feelings of “being watched” this is clairsentience, and you’ve likely had a visitor from spirit.

  6. It will tell you if your life-changing decision is right for you

  7. If someone is lying

  8. It helps you discern from judgment, fear, and ego!

  9. Your clairsentience allows your intuition to flow and inspired ideas to flow through you knowing that they are right!

I use clairsentience as a way to validate the intuitive messages I receive from spirit all the time!

You can learn to tap into your clairsentience and even more on how to manage those empathic gifts in The Intuitive Development And Progression Course.

If you landed here and you made it this far down into this very lengthy article, then I know that you need this course. It’s a game changer!

Stephani W says:

“The course is amazing, it’s an absolute must for people like us! Thank you very much! Tools on grounding, connecting, and communicating are very clear, and I actually look forward to meditating more and more. My guides and angels are amazing and always here to help.”

It’s time to take back control, it’s time to learn to embrace your gifts instead of feeling overwhelmed by them, and it’s time to step into who you are at a core level!

Learn more about this life-changing course here!

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