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7 Ways To Connect With The Higher Self

What is the higher self, and how can you connect with yours? It seems that in general, speaking of the higher self is culturally accepted in comparison with other spiritual topics. Why is this?

Well, the higher self is the Source (or God) extension of who you are. It is the unconditionally loving part of you, the aspect of you that is most closely connected to God itself. You are Source and Source is you – the higher self is where the two meet.

Let’s be real here, most of us don’t let people see our true nature 100% of the time. We don’t often feel open enough to give the love we want to give, to extend compliments to strangers, or to just be ourselves without holding a little bit back. Most of us desire so deeply to be accepted for who we are instead of who we allow people to see. Individually, however, we have a tendency to hold ourselves back from truly shining through for fear of judgment or being seen as weird. Our resolution to this dilemma is to dim our shine.

Denying who we are pushes our the higher self away. Accepting who we are cultivates a secure connection to the higher self allowing us to experience life in an entirely different way.

You are always in connection with your higher self! It’s a bond, a unity, and it can not be broken. The higher self doesn’t go anywhere, but the feeling of being connected to it certainly can. When you have faded away from loving yourself, and you accept who you are, your communication with the higher self will fade. If you have a negative perception of the world around you, your connection with the higher self will be frazzled, weak, and sometimes non-existent.

As you build a loving relationship with yourself and accept yourself for who you are your connection with the higher self will strengthen! Doing this will also raise your vibration, which will, in turn, enhance your spiritual relationships all the way around! This means you can finally say hello to a heightened intuition!

7 Ways To Connect With Your Higher Self

Show Up Authentically To Connect With The Higher Self

Denying who you are or trying to be someone else essentially says to your higher self “I’m not a fan of who I came here to be”

Ouch….slap in the face for the ol’ higher self eh?

This loving piece of you wants nothing more than to connect with you, to help you, and to support you. The thing is if you’re basically telling it’s not a good fit for you, it will sit in the background most of the time feeling like a kid that is just getting in the way.

To strengthen your bond with the higher self show up authentically. This may mean getting to know yourself for the first time ever! (I can help you with this!)

Do something that lights you up To Meet Your Higher Self!

When you’re in connection with your higher self, you will feel it. You will have natural energy, you will feel like you’re glowing, and there will definitely be some pep in your step. The best way to get into this vibration is to do something that you love- absolutely love!

Jam to your favorite song, dance and sing and be silly To See Your Higher Self!

It’s as simple as that! Moving the body gets the energy flowing, and the right music can raise your vibrational frequency to space in about .2 seconds!

Go outside To Sit With Your Higher Self

We often feel too tired or to drained to go outside, but once we do, we have a sudden pick-me-up! This comes from our spirit feeling in alignment and free! We belong in nature and become grounded and rejuvenated upon reconnection.

Treat Yourself To Bond With Your Higher Self !

The point is to do something that really gets you going! For me, it’s always music or something that puts me in the creative realm. In fact, the first time I actually SAW my higher self, I was jamming to some music on the way to view what is now my home! I saw a spirit dancing in my head clairvoyantly, and I’ve never felt giddier in my life! It was my higher self!

Talk To Yourself To Speak With Your Higher Self .

I know what you’re thinking “Ashley, people already think I’m crazy enough.”

Listen, it doesn’t have to be weird. So many of us fall out of touch and out of alignment with ourselves that we don’t take the time to listen to the person that matters the most – ourselves!

Tell yourself good morning, tell yourself WHY you’re proud of yourself and ask yourself what you most need to know. Then listen.

Make Space To Listen To Your Higher Self

If you’re going to talk to yourself, then you’re also going to have to listen, right? This is where a good meditation comes in!

There are many many ways to meditate, so I have provided a few articles below that can help!

So there you have it, folks!

  1. Learn to love yourself

  2. Show up authentically

  3. Do something you love

  4. Get outside

  5. Talk to yourself

  6. Listen!

Doing these things will put you in a conscious connection with your higher self over time! If you would like more in-depth help on connecting with your higher self, let’s work together!

Meet your higher self through journey and healing work here

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Work with me one on one!

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