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7 Ways Clues You’re Intuitive | Ways Other People Can Tell You’re Intuitive

Ways Other People Can Tell You’re Intuitive

What if someone you knew or even someone that you didn’t know told you that they knew a secret about you? What if someone told you that they knew you were intuitive before you even contemplated the possibility?

Have you ever had someone spill their life story or come looking to you for advice and at the end say something like:

“I’m so sorry I don’t know why I just told you all of that? It just came out.”

This is called a soul to soul connection. This means that their soul felt that your soul carried the light, the knowledge, the wisdom to help them heal.

When you are intuitive you carry with you a light and an energy that others can sense and feel long before you may know it exists.

In my own life, I was told time and time again that I was intuitive. I had THREE different mediums tell me that I was just like them but I still didn’t believe them. Even when a friend came through in a reading that needed my help crossing over, I was still skeptical.

But when I reluctantly agreed to help him, everything changed. I felt him cross over, I felt his energy, and I saw him moving into the stars in my mind’s eye. My body went blissfully numb. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. At that moment, I knew without a doubt that my life hadn’t been just a series of coincidences and bad dreams.

When I told my childhood bestfriend that I thought I might be a medium she said “I knew you were. I’ve always known. I knew before you did…you’ve always been weird.”

When I told my aunt she said “I have known since you were a little kid. I didn’t know what it was but I used to see you talking to things on the ceiling. I told your mom too.”

When I told my cousin she said “I always wondered how you just knew things. It’s always kinda freaked me out.”

So alllll these people knew I was an intuitive all along but no one bothered to tell me?!

The reality is that until we are willing and ready to accept it we will never see it within ourselves. Other people, other souls do though. Other souls can recognize the light within you even when you can’t.

How Others Might Be Telling You You’re An Intuitive

  1. People; random people, friends, family, strangers spill their guts to you. They come to you with their problems and their life stories.

  2. You have dreams of spirits that have passed (These spirits know you can sense them so they are visiting you)

  3. You have vivid dreams or nightmares (spirits trying to connect with you!)

  4. Every house you have lived in has been “haunted”

  5. People often come to you for advice

  6. People look to you as a problem solver or as “the strong one”

  7. People randomly tell you about their spiritual or ghostly experiences and you have no clue why

  8. People give you crystals, salt lamps, or other spiritual items that you never asked for

One Christmas about 5 years ….5 YEARS before I acknowledged this about myself, my husband’s aunt gave me a salt lamp. I had no clue what it was but something told me to keep it. Years later I told her I still had it and asked her what made her give it to me of all people?

“I’ve always known about you. God LOVES what you’re doing. You’re living your purpose and you’re meant to help people, he knows that.”

I stared blankly at her…

“You didn’t know you had a psychic aunt did you?”

Mic drop! (along with my jaw because I hadn’t told anyone yet)

Spirit knows long before we know what we are capable of. “Spirit” being those on Earth and those in well….spirit. They will come to us for help, to connect to our light, and to show us who we truly are. It’s our job to acknowledge, accept, and then step into our purpose.

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