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5 Ways To Know If You’re Clairaudient | Psychic Hearing

5 signs you’re clairaudient

Did you know that when it comes to psychic abilities there are more “Clairs” than just clairvoyance? Yep, there are 4 main clairs and then there are a few secondary or less known about clairs. This means you can still be a psychic, an intuitive, or a medium without seeing spirit.

Today we are going to talk about Clair-Audience or “clear hearing”.

Hearing spirit is just as common if not more common than seeing it. Many of us are clairaudient and don’t even know it because we are so used to it! If you read the article 25 Ways to know you’re a medium you might have picked up on a few of these.

While you may already know you’re intuitive, to really start working with your gifts effectively you need to know which of your clairs is the strongest. In other words, how you most strongly receive information. This is the first step to actually developing and honing in on your gifts.

5 ways to tell if you’re clairaudient

You talk to yourself

If you talk to yourself often you’re probably clairaudient.

I don’t mean you give yourself pep-talks here and there. I mean full on conversations either internally or externally. I used to think everyone did this…turns out they don’t.

Want to know something cool? If you’re doing this then you are likely already in contact with your higher self and spirit team!

You hear things

If you’ve ever heard your name being called (especially upon waking up or going to sleep), heard someone talking in the next room, or heard thumps and bumps; only to find out no one is there, this is a sure sign that you’re clairaudient.

You may hear people talking internally or externally, hear noises no one else in your house hears, or even hear non-existent music playing.

Spirit has a variety of ways to get your attention and most of the time we brush these things off as us being crazy, coincidence, or someone playing tricks on us. I’m here to tell you, my friend, it isn’t being made up…you’re just clairaudient!

Pressure, ringing, buzzing, and popping in the ears

These are all signs that spirit is near and/or that your vibration is raising. All of these are just additional ways that spirit will use your clairaudience to grab your attention.

When you’re the only one with these symptoms and everyone else around you is looking at you like you’re crazy while these very REAL sounds are driving you crazy….know you’re clairaudience is creeping up!

Noises bother you

This is quite a big one as most clairaudient people get over stimulated easily. Have you ever been in a room full of people and you become overwhelmed because you can’t focus on just one conversation?

If you’re clairaudient you may find that you unintentionally hone in on alllll the conversations and noises around you. This gets insanely overwhelming.

Kids toys, barking dogs (especially ones that aren’t yours), outside noises from a distance, and low toned noises are often a clairaudients worst nightmare.

Fun fact: these things bother you because not only are you hearing them but on a soul level you are also feeling their vibrations!

You love music

Seems contradictory to number 4 but stick with me.

Clairaudient people are often drawn to music (of their choosing) the way that clairvoyant people are attracted to aesthetics. We resonate just a little bit deeper with music, lyrics, and instruments than some of our non-clairaudient friends. This is again because we can feel the vibrations and oftentimes when we like what we hear noises can be very soothing.

As a teenager, I loved going to shows multiple times a week…punk rock and hardcore ones at that. I would feel the music deep within my being. It’s hard to explain but just thinking about it gives me a feeling of complete bliss.

I can only listen to that type of music LOUD, however. When it’s at a low or normal range it drives me crazy. It has everything to do with feeling the vibrations.

The same goes for gospel, classical, oldies, any genre really. When it feels good and you resonate with it music can be absolutely blissful for a clairaudient. Or like previously mentioned, a nightmare.

Non-clairaudient people find these things to be our little quirks. My husband thinks it’s funny that I can’t handle the stimulation. To be honest it has gotten more intense the more my gifts have opened up so it’s incredibly important for me to stay grounded and for my energy to be protected.

Not sure how to keep the internal peace because of the external noises? Check out the intuitive progression and development course, it has everything you need to get started and expand upon your gifts!

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