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4 Phases Of Awakening | Timeline Of Awakening

Timeline of awakening

There are moments from my awakening that feel just as real today as they did at the moment. The spiritual shifts of awakening are pure magic, but they are also confusing and unpredictable. One day you’re going to bed “normal,” and the next day, you feel like you’re living in virtual reality. You recognize people, roads, and places, yet it all feels fake, and nothing feels right anymore. Soon you begin to question not only the existence of everything around you but also yourself. Who are you? Where are you going, and what are you doing here? This is awakening, and it’s only the first phase of the timeline.

I remember when my first significant shift started happening, and boy was it magical. Everything seemed to be working out for me, people were nicer to me, and I was on cloud 9. During this season, I was also doing a ton of emotional purging while also viewing myself and my path in a new light.

The Timeline Of Awakening

Phase 1 of Awakening: The Shift

The first step in the timeline of awakening is when your first significant shift happens. You wake up one day, and something has changed. Perhaps you’re more in tune with the energy of others. Maybe your intuitive gifts are popping through, or suddenly you begin to question everything.

During this period, you will likely notice many synchronicities and magic happening around you. It feels like pure bliss! You may be called to meditate more, learn more about spirituality, or even tap into your spiritual side. Eventually, this magic moment melts into unearthing, and your timeline shifts again.

Phase 2 of Awakening: Unearthing

The next phase of awakening is when you realize that you’re indeed changing on many levels. Most of the time, you will love the changes that are taking place, but they seem to pull you out of alignment with those around you, those that are closest to you.

Suddenly you start to change the way you speak, and you become more conscious of your thoughts and actions. When this happens, you begin to see the weight that others who are not yet on their path have on your very soul. This can be crushing and can once again have you questioning everything!

Awakening comes with unearthing stuck emotions and dis-ease within your being. You may begin to notice that you’re having flashbacks from childhood or that old issues with your partner feel like fresh wounds again. Unresolved familial problems and even things that you did in the past come flooding at you like snow in an avalanche, and there is no stopping it.

The only way out of this part of your awakening is through it.

Pushing against and resisting what is coming up will only make this section of your awakening last longer. This section of your timeline is essential in removing old blocks to help you elevate to your highest vibration. It’s tough, it’s painful, but it is so vital.

Phase 3 of Awakening: Healing

On your timeline of awakening, the next phase will be healing. Once you acknowledge the memories, feelings, and wounds that have come up you will begin to heal! Healing is revealed when suddenly you can not “hate” that person anymore, and you’re able to forgive yourself and others.

Once this healing process begins, you’re going to feel lighter and more blissful. During this section on the timeline of awakening, you will once again start to feel spiritually aligned, uplifted, and free! At this time, the intuitive gifts begin to shine through!

Awakening is a significant time of self-realization and significant shifts that can leave you questioning the entire life you’ve built to this point.

After an awakening, especially your first major shift (oh yes there will be more) you may be questioning your job and relationships. You will likely be pulled towards your divine path by way of internal intuitive guidance. The best thing you can do for yourself at this time is to align with the divine within you. Aligning with your intuitive side will allow you to see how your spirit team is leading you through each day. You can learn to connect on-demand instead of randomly when the guidance decides to pop through.

Understanding your intuition through awakening is essential!

Phase 4: The final step on your timeline of awakening

Integration. All of the work you have done over the past months will start to integrate within your system. During this time, you will likely begin hearing numbers and timelines about the paths you have been pulled toward.

For some its a timeline for physical recovery for others (like me), it’s a timeline for when they will change careers. Spirit will speak to us throughout our awakening so we must be ready and listening.

During this phase, you must wholeheartedly trust in your team and the universes’ timing.

As I said, I don’t love to live in the past, but the following was a moment I will never be able to shake. For months I just knew that I was leaving my corporate job. It was draining me, and I was exhausted and miserable even though I was doing all of the right things to keep up my vibration.

I kept hearing “two months, two months” in regards to my departure. When two months came and went, I almost lost all faith. I was IN IT man… in my awakening DEEP. I hadn’t worked through everything just yet, and I was stuck in the healing phase. I needed to find my deep trust for the universe, the patience they had been telling me to have, and I had to reach the point of no return.

I remember crying in my car on my lunch break, feeling betrayed. Had I made all of this up? Was I actually a medium, or was I crazy? Where did the two months come from, did I make that up too? During my pity party, I heard loud and clear “2 months, Ashley keep going.” It was undeniable so while I did sulk and pout about it, I kept going.

Shortly after this moment I had a breakdown, breakthrough, and burn out (you can read all about it here) and I knew it was time. It became apparent that at that moment in my car, I still had more work to do.

Freewill shows up in everything that we do, while there is a divine plan it’s up to us how we get to the destination. For me, two months meant AFTER my integration period, and the more I resisted, the longer that phase of my timeline took.

You will unfold and have many shifts throughout this life’s journey, and with time, they will get more comfortable because you will be more prepared. The only way out is through, and when you surrender to your shift, you will expend much less energy than trying to battle the avalanche.

For help through your awakening, check out the supportive services provided below!

  1. Sacred Self-Healing  – journey through your deepest levels to dig, reveal, and heal! 

  2. Intuitive Development And Understanding – understand the four main intuitive gifts and how they show up for you daily. Learn to protect your energy and manage your empathic side. Lessons to work past fear and doubt!

  3. Mediumship Diving Deeper – Learn to connect with spirit to receive clear messages, validation, and learn to give readings if you wish! Learn about the different types of spirit and how to open and close connections! 

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