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28 Things Mediumship And Spirituality Has Taught Me.

We are here to experience and we are here to learn. Each and every moment opportunities for growth are showing themselves to us but it isn’t often that we notice. I never knew how truly amazing and blissful this experience could be until I accepted myself and started living my truth. Since becoming a practicing medium, beginning a meditation practice, and living from a space of love, so much in my life has changed.

28 things I have learned to be true since I started living in a higher vibration and practicing mediumship.

  1. Mediumship is beautiful

  2. It’s not just about talking to dead people. It’s about connecting to the higher guidance system to provide loving, healing, and helpful messages.

  3. I’m supported, you’re supported, we are all supported. We are never alone even on our darkest days there is someone out there guiding us.

  4. Sometimes spirit is wishing we would shut up for a second and listen to their messages. It will help to get us back on track!

  5. All the answers you seek are within you if you just listen

  6. Everyone can do this! (and I can help you!)

  7. Life really really is beautiful.

  8. Magic still exists when you choose to see it. Gimme all the synchronicities!

  9. Everything around us is alive! The fact that we live on a living- breathing rock blows my mind daily.

  10. It’s getting easier to be a medium as far as the public goes – but it’s still not easy.

  11. Mediums are selective people because we have to be. It’s not that we are reclusive but if your energy is negative or intense it literally drains us.

  12. We carry a lot on our shoulders so our skin becomes thicker than ever before.

  13. We cry on the other end of the phone sometimes we just try not to let you know

  14. We work every day to live life in a high vibration and it ain’t always easy.

  15. We see the world differently now. I had vision before but I didn’t see the beauty in every person and in everything. I didn’t notice the magic or the subtle movements of the trees.

  16. We know that there is a light in even the darkest of people. When others can’t see that within themselves or another it hurts us to our core. It’s a soul thing.

  17. When we tell our spouses/friends/family to protect their energy or to “be careful” around someone …we wish they would listen! We might know something they don’t or won’t be receptive to. Guys, just listen ok?

  18. The law of attraction is real yo’! Both good and bad, it’s real. Choose your words and thoughts wisely.

  19. We have learned to appreciate every lesson as a blessin’. If you look you can find the message inside and trust it’s for your highest good.

  20. I’ve learned to trust.

  21. I’ve stopped judging what I do not understand.

  22. I’ve learned to listen to my body. Being a medium has taught me that when I’m feeling drained take that time to rest. When I feel pulled to stay home I do it.

  23. I’ve learned to go with the energy when it comes. Sometimes I feel like I drank an entire pot of coffee after a great meditation or reading. I use it to my advantage!

  24. Everything is energy

  25. The messages that come through in readings aren’t always just for the client.

  26. There is so much more than we can possibly know or understand. It’s all incredibly beautiful!

  27. The pyramids hold some deep rooted energy and everyone needs to go (including myself).

  28. God is Source energy and Source energy is Love. To return to Source, return to love. To return to love remember who and what you are. Love.

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