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25 Signs You Might be a Medium!

Did you know that you could be a psychic medium and not even know it? We are all born with psychic abilities but we usually shut them down by the age of 8. This is because we are conditioned to believe that we are the only ones in the universe and all else is make believe. As far back as I can remember I have questioned this theory…I’m talking 4 years old and I’m having talks about the Universe.  What a weirdo right?

I just didn’t understand how out of the entire – infinite Universe people could possibly think that we are the only living beings. I didn’t get it then and I still don’t understand it now!

I have always believed in God but I never understood saying “my God is right and your God is wrong.” Especially when we are taught that there is only one God….confusing right?

If praying is talking to God and he hears us, then why on Earth is it so wrong to get messages back?

This is how my little mind has worked my entire life! By asking adults and church members these questions I was considered to be disobedient and they thought that perhaps something was wrong with me. BUT WHY? I just wanted answers and if someone could have given me a good answer I would have probably let it go.

Every time I saw something in my room or heard a voice, I was told it was just my imagination. This is what happens to most of us. When we are repeatedly told we are wrong we begin to shut down.

If your gifts are really strong you can try shutting them down, but mark my words – they always open back up! For years and years I tried to tune them out; I convinced myself I was crazy and no one else needed to know. The older I got however, the stronger they became until I just couldn’t take it anymore. I decided I was going to figure it out and learn how to communicate with the spirits that were so desperately trying to get my attention!

25 signs you might be a medium –

  1. You’ve always had very vivid dreams. (Or you’re startng to have very vivid dreams)

  2. You have frequent nightmares.

  3. You’ve learned how to control your dreams a little bit.

  4. You remember seeing things, people, shadows, or lights as a kid.

  5. You’re extremely creative and imaginative.

  6. You have many synchronicities happen.

  7. You’ve dealt with unexplainable bouts of depression your entire life.

  8. You feel like you want to go “home” even if you are at home.

  9. You feel like someone is watching you.

  10. You have heard voices or someone calling your name when no one is there.

  11. You give the BEST advice and don’t even know where it comes from.

  12. You’re fascinated by anything paranormal.

  13. You’re drawn to certain locations or buildings with no clue why.

  14. You see flashes of light.

  15. You just know things.

  16. You talk to your self all the time…like ALL THE TIME.

  17. You get unexplainable anxiety or nausea that leaves as quickly as it comes on.

  18. You just KNOW there is more out there in the Universe.

  19. You don’t believe the masses just because you are told too.

  20. You appreciate nature and animals more than most.

  21. You question EVERYTHING.

  22. You sense energy.

  23. You feel like someone is with you but you can’t see anyone.

  24. You see images of people you don’t know when you close your eyes.

  25. Random ideas or answers to internal questions suddenly pop into your head out of nowhere!

If you said YES to at least 5 of these, then congrats! You’re probably a psychic medium! If you need help deciphering which are your strongest gifts I can totally help you with that!

I would love to hear if you’re a psychic medium and even about your experiences, leave a comment below!

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