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24 Benefits of Listening to and Developing Your Intuition

24 Benefits of Listening to and Developing Your Intuition 

I know that the thought of talking to people no one else can see, sensing energy no one else can feel, and hearing things that no one else can is a bit intimidating. But, guess what? Aside from being intimidating, it’s also really cool and pretty fun!

Change is hard but I invite you to decide which is scarier. Pretending to be someone you’re not for the rest of your life and never feeling comfortable in your own skin OR owning who you are? Feeling comfortable in your own skin and seeing an almost magical shift happen in the world around you has to be more comfortable than living a lie, right?

Having been in both places and received both t-shirts I can tell ya, option two is way better.

Sure, I’ve come in contact with skeptics, I’ve doubted myself, and I’ve doubted my path. Thinking back though, no one has ever been down right mean to me. In fact, the worst thing that has happened along this journey was my husband telling me it was weird. However, I’m pretty sure he’s over that by now…because the truth is when you make the shift you’re not the only one that can feel the change. Those around you can sense your light growing as well!

Let’s keep in mind though that the only reason I’ve experienced the skepticism is that I’m very public about who I am and what I do. I’m all over the interwebs and this is my full-time business. It doesn’t have to look like that for you, though it can if you want it too!

Here are 24 reasons why you should start working with your intuitive gifts today!

  1. You see the world differently. Colors become more vivid, all lives become more valuable, and you feel the oneness with all that is.

  2. You appreciate the bullsh*t because you realize there is a lesson hidden in there somewhere. Now, you get to figure it out and learn from it.

  3. It’s nice to realize that even when you’re feeling your loneliest, you’re never really alone. Helloooooo spirit team!

  4. You get to quit living in fear! (One of those fears might be feeling like a ghost is in the room but not knowing what to do about it.)

  5. Boundaries become a big part of your life both with spirit and energetically with people. Once you set them you feel more comfortable wherever you’re at!

  6. You become happier! Your vibe gets higher! Your tribe surrounds you and you start to see the beauty of all that is!

  7. Other people notice the new you! They can feel a shift in your energy and theyyyyy likeit!

  8. You become more receptive and less resistant. You start to receive more of the good and the bad takes more of a back seat.

  9. Speaking of receptivity you start to receive messages and signs from spirit when you ask!

  10. Life just gets easier. Really, like all the way around.

  11. You become more in tune with yourself and more aligned with your wants and needs. This is in part because you’re in connection with your higher-self

  12. Generally, you start to eat better because again…you’re in touch with your higher self

  13. It is much easier to pick up on ailments within the body and treat them before they develop into something more serious. (When you become aware of spirit you also become aware of vibrations and the messages your body sends you)

  14. Your immune system boosts (unless your gifts are unmanaged and you’re taking on other peoples emotions. Then it has the opposite effect so manage those gifts!)

  15. Smiling becomes your favorite

  16. You realize that fear is false. Then you realize how much of your life has been spent in fear. Fear was taught to you…whether it was fear of not having enough money, fear of walking down the street, fear of leaving the blinds open. You stop fearing because you know that you’re so supported and you’re spirit guides got this on lock! (For the record my mom thinks that anytime I walk in a parking lot I’m going to get mugged…you ain’t puttin’ that fear on me girl!)

  17. You get to connect with your spirit guides, deceased loved ones, and spirit team! (It’s the best!)

  18. The visions you get are pretty freaking awesome!

  19. Connecting the dots in a series of synchronicities, messages, or meditations will leave you questioning everything you know…in the best way possible of course

  20. The world just becomes more magical

  21. In general, everything just seems to run more smoothly.

  22. You manifest like crazy!

  23. You get to heal anxiety, depression, and old patterns. This gift is about first healing the self and then others!

  24. You learn to trust and you know that everything is going to be ok!

Those are my reasons but maybe yours look different. Maybe you get to heal yourself on a deeper level? Perhaps you get to reconnect with someone that has been trying to get your attention for years?

Whatever the case may be it’s detrimental to pretend like these gifts don’t exist. Simply accepting them has a way of changing everything and shoving them away does nothing but harm because trust me…they have a way of creeping back up and making you pay attention!

What are your options for developing your gifts? You can take a course, work with a mentor, get to know your spirit guides, or a combination of all of the above!

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