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21 Ways To Tell You’re Out Of Alignment With The Higher Self

21 Ways To Tell You’re Out Of Alignment With The Higher Self

When you’re in alignment with the higher self, you will feel lit up! You feel like you’re walking on air, you have energy, and it feels like all of life is flowing with you. Even when things are not going your way, it’s no big deal because you’re feeling great! When you’re connected to the higher-self, you know that no matter what everything is working out for you!

The higher self is the soul part of you, the aspect of you that is divine and pure love. It is the part of you that will guide you, support you, and love you unconditionally. This means that it’s so vital that we cultivate a relationship with the higher self because just like when our chakras are unbalanced, we are going to see it and feel it in our physical reality.

Here are 21 ways to tell you’re out of alignment with the higher self

  1. You feel like you’re forgetting something, but you seem to have everything you need.

  2. Always you feel alone even when you have people around that love you.

  3. It feels like you’re always on the search for something.

  4. You think you have the worst luck in the world and everyone is out to get you.

  5. You’re getting unexpected bills and costs coming in left and right!

  6. Work isn’t working for you right now. You feel stuck and unsupported.

  7. You’re angry and sad for no apparent reason.

  8. You’ve been drinking alcohol or using other substances more often.

  9. Repeated numbers and signs are showing up calling your attention!

  10. You’re having dreams of searching for someone or something.

  11. On the other end of the spectrum, in your dreams, you feel loved and support, but when you wake up, it goes away.

  12. You’re not taking care of your mind, body, spirit

  13. You used to have a great spiritual practice, or you feel called to start one but feel like there is no connection happening.

  14. You don’t feel supported.

  15. You talk down to yourself, can’t look yourself in the eye, can’t say “I love you” in the mirror.

  16. You try to please others regularly until you wear yourself thin

  17. You’re exhausted to the point of feeling utterly depleted. There is no amount of caffeine that can help. (This is spiritual exhaustion!)

  18. You feel like you’re missing someone but don’t know who.

  19. You’ve had signs that spirit is around but don’t know how to tune in

  20. It feels like life is falling apart around you

  21. You’re yearning for a connection with your higher-self because a part of you knows it’s not there.

If this is you don’t worry, I’ve been there! You can fix this, and you can quickly heal this!

Establishing a conscious connection with your higher-self will allow you to be guided through life. Listening to your higher-self will put you in front of people and opportunities you never expected!

Your higher-self will talk to you if you just listen! This connection can benefit you in every single area of your life almost immediately. When I decided to connect with my higher-self, my lifelong depression went away, I had a renewed sense of energy, and I started manifesting money instead of bills. How’s that for a support system?

If you want to get in touch with your higher-self, I suggest one or all of the following options. These offerings will fast track you to breaking through the barriers that have been holding you back from a secure connection with the higher-self!

Meet and work with your higher-self, your inner-child, and recreate your life’s blueprint! This has helped so many people achieve life-changing and healing results!

Learn how your higher-self, spirit guides, and other spiritual connections deliver their guidance to you.

In this program, you will learn to manage and clear your energy as an empath, gain the tools to connect with your intuition and develop the 4 primary intuitive abilities. Doing this will allow you to flow through life, being divinely led and guided!

Work with me one on one (and of course, your spirit team) to see what your blocks are, set goals, get happy, and more. This is your chance to not only work with a spiritual life coach but also your spirit team as I allow them to be there and deliver messages throughout our sessions!

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