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10 Ways Your Deceased Pet Can Communicate With You

Can Your Deceased Pet Communicate With You?

Is it true that your pet can come back and visit you from the other side? Are animal spirits really capable of connecting or visiting form the afterlife? They didn’t know how to speak or so if they did come to visit how would we even get their messages?

Plants, animals, humans – we are all living breathing beings and therefore each of us has a soul. That soul is capable of communicating from the afterlife whether it was a human before it passed on or not.

Animal companions are some of the most loyal and loving beings that we will ever come in contact with. We form bonds with our pets that we could never have with other people. I can say with honesty that my boy Rhyker has been with me through thick and thin since the day that I brought him home…even at times when I didn’t deserve it.

Our animals don’t judge us. They love us unconditionally and they are totally empathetic to our emotions and vibrations. Pet’s aren’t “just animals”, they are members of our family.

Just like with the people in our lives, each animal that comes into our life comes in for a reason. They show up to teach us lessons, to help us heal, and to help us to get to know different aspects of ourselves. Sometimes, it’s as if they are our living breathing spirit guides.

I don’t know about you but there have been times that I have just cried, hugged my dog, and never wanted to let go when I was having a tough day. He could have run away like “what is this weirdo doing” but instead each time he hung out. To be honest it felt like he took my pain. Though he didn’t use words and we speak different languages, he understood.

We need our pets just as much as they need us so, it makes complete sense that they would come back to visit. Their spirits live on in the afterlife just as ours do. I have read that animals often get to come back as such because they have healed many of their human karmas and so they get to come back as the ultimate healers to help us and love us unconditionally. I am sure though that they still have their own lessons to learn while here on Earth.

How might an animal friend show up in spirit?

  1. If you’re thinking of your deceased pet and you suddenly feel them next to you, rest assured they are visiting!

  2. Many many people report feeling their furry friend’s jumping on their bed or couch long after having passed!

  3. You might smell them! Yes, your pets are great at using clairalience to connect with you.

  4. An old toy of theirs might show up out of nowhere. An old dish or leash may fall off of a shelf in front of you!

  5. An old picture can resurface out of nowhere!

  6. They will show up in your dreams

  7. When you really need them and can’t shake the feeling that they are around, rest assured they are trying to comfort you from in spirit.

  8. You “see” them. This is a BIG one. You may have to do a double take when you see them walk around a corner. (For my sister and I we have both seen our family dog in the same spot in the yard multiple times. The first time it was in my third eye the next few times it was pretty tangible!)

  9. You may hear them! Yes, animals use clairaudience too! You might hear their bark, their meow, actual messages, or get downloads from them.

Number 10 is my second favorite next to seeing. It is very very likely that you will hear your pet’s footsteps in your home (or barn or wherever) after his or her passing. I have had this with both dogs that I have had pass as well as one that wasn’t even mine.

Yep, you read that right. My house was “haunted” by the previous owner’s dog for the first few weeks that we lived here.

One night while in bed kept hearing my dogs nails on the hardwood in the hallway and living room. My husband and I both kept calling her to come into our room but she just wouldn’t! Finally, I got up, turned the lights on, and realized that both of our dogs were indeed already in our room (and they were looking at me like I was crazy).

My husband couldn’t deny this one but tried to make up some “logical excuse.”

It baffled me all night…who was I hearing? The next morning I went out to the garage and saw engraved in the wooden door a picture of the previous owner’s dog. Then I remembered that when we toured the house his ashes were on the coffee table.

For a couple of weeks myself, my husband, and even my dogs…yes my dogs, would hear these footsteps at night. I eventually had to ask the doggy spirit to move on. Nonetheless, it was a pretty incredible experience and certainly a first for me!

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