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10 Ways To Recognize Soul Family | How To Recognize Soul Connections

10 Ways To Recognize Your Soul Family

In the previous article, we talked about soul family and how to call yours in. This article is going to expand on that so that you can learn to easily recognize your soul family!

10 Ways To Recognize Your Soul Family!

  1. Feeling a strong magnetic-like pull to talk to someone you don’t know is a surefire sign of a soul family connection.

  2. Meeting someone and feeling like you have known them forever is your soul’s way of telling you that this is not your first time meeting.

  3. Having an instant bond with someone and finding out that your experiences or lives are very similar in many ways is a sign this person might be your soul family.

  4. When you meet someone and you both have a strong – strong feeling that you know each other without having ever met before – this is a certain soul family connection.

  5. Feeling completely comfortable and at home when you are near a certain person and having them feel the same is a sign of a soul family connection.

  6. You become instant family  – plain and simple.

  7. You can go months without talking and feel like you didn’t miss a beat. You can also spend tons of time together and feel like it’s never enough.

  8. You can have easy and fluid conversations that feel like minutes but hours have actually passed.

  9. You simply “recognize” each other on a soul level.

This last one is near and dear to my heart. 

You understand, forgive, and are patient with this person like no one else is. They are simply your person and you are theirs. You may be cousins, friends, siblings, or even romantic partners but you know them on the deepest level.

Soul family will never hurt you or harm you in any way though you may see that they display those behaviors towards others.

You may be the only person they listen to and may also be the only person that they seem to have good advice for.

No matter what they are growing through, where they are, or who they are with they make the space for you – even in their darkest hour.

They are simply your person.

They know everything about you, understand you, and you understand them. You see and feel their pain and can give them perspective.

You are the one person that can help them shift like no one else can.

Use these 10 signs to help you recognize your soul family!  

Also, see Soul Contracts!

Remember if you’ve been on your path for intuitive and spiritual understanding for a while it may be time to take it to the next level! I can help and would love to be your guide! Pick Your Path!

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