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10 Ways To Develop Your Psychic Gifts

So many of us have unexplainable experiences. We see faces when our eyes are closed, see colors during meditations, and still, we have no clue we are actually intuitive beings. We are all intuitive beings because we are all energy!

Today’s article is about how to tap into your intuitive gifts, expand your intuition, and open the gifts you already have!

  1. Start meditating. Yes meditating! It doesn’t have to be sitting quietly but you’re going to need to start, here’s how.

  2. Become more aware. Start becoming more aware of EVERYTHING – your feelings, your thoughts, the wind, the distant noises you’re hearing.

  3. Remember that everything is made of energy. You’re energy, that tree is energy, your dog is energy. Everything around us is made up of atoms, cells, molecules, etc. Smaller structures used to create a larger one. When you start remembering that everything is energy it becomes easier to wrap your mind around the fact that soul to soul contact is actually a “thing.”

  4. Raise your vibration. Here’s what that means and here’s a vlog on why.

  5. Determine which are your strongest clairs! (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance). Then start doing exercises that will begin to flex those muscles!

  6. Get to know your spirit guides! Yes, you have them and yes you can connect with them…you probably already are!

  7. Ask more questions and then wait for the answers!

  8. When you’re given a sign pay attention! The more spirit notices that you’re receiving and welcoming their support the more they will give you!

  9. Don’t stop the flow! If you’re giving a friend advice and you have no clue where it’s coming from chances are you’re channeling! Don’t stop it! Instead, ask for more and ask for some good advice for yourself as well!

  10. Work with a mentor or take a class!

Tapping into your gifts may seem hard or even impossible but I promise it’s not! We are born knowing how to see, hear, and feel spirit we just shut it down over time. All it is is learning to use your strongest senses while allowing yourself to be a clear channel for those in the light.

You don’t have to use your gifts to read others or become a spiritual business person. Tapping into your gifts allows you to see situations and people from a larger perspective. It allows you to have empathy towards the world around you. Opening your gifts means that you get to access higher levels of wisdom and consciousness available to you RIGHT now! Sometimes we experience anxiety and have no clue why…guess what? That has so much to do with your vibration and spirit that it’s uncanny!

Use the tips above to start tapping in today or work with me to help uncover the true you and the true gifts that have been lying dormant!

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