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10 Best Ways To Connect To Your Higher Self!

What does it mean to encompass your higher self? Encompassing your higher-self means allowing the divinity within you to step forward. It means allowing yourself to be true, to be kind, and to live in the highest state possible, your true nature. In short terms, your higher-self is your spirit. It is also the voice that you hear throughout the day and choose to ignore. Some think of it as your conscience but it goes so far beyond that.

That higher-self is the opposite of the ego. It is the voice of wisdom within you that if only you chose to hear, you would! The higher-self always ALWAYS has your best interest at heart and will never steer you wrong.

Have you ever given yourself a pep talk and wondered where it came from? Chances are it came from your higher-self. The higher-self answers our questions, steers us in the right direction, and isn’t afraid to show tough love when needed.

It is imperative that we get to know our higher-selves not only as a part of our spiritual journey but think of how much more beautiful this world could be if only we allowed our true and divine selves shine through on a daily basis!

Here are 10 ways to connect with your higher-self

Automatic writing To Connect With Your Higher-Self

Ask yourself a question and then give automatic writing a try! Your higher-self is sure to come through!

Meditation  will bring you closer to your higher-self.

Set the intention to connect to the higher-self before the session and then listen to what he/she has to tell you

Connect to your higher-self in the shower.

I’m not kidding! Water is a conduit of energy and the shower is generally a place of solitude. Make this time your time with your higher-self. Ask if your higher-self has any messages or wisdom for you and then wait. When we are doing mundane tasks like washing our hair we are just distracted enough to let spirit come through without getting in the way.

A Walk In Nature is a great way to connect to the higher-self.

Same concept and process as the shower idea! Plus it’s easier to connect check out why in this article!

Talk to your higher-self while driving.

One of my favorite times to connect to my higher-self used to be while driving home from work. I would turn the radio off and just let the messages flow in!

Ask your higher-self questions!

Ask your higher-self what it is that you need to know right now. Ask it what it is that you could be doing. Ask it what is NOT serving you that you should eliminate. Here’s how to get the answers!

Pay attention to what your higher-self has to say.

Most of us are in constant connection to our higher-selves though we choose to listen to the ego.

The ego says, “no you shouldn’t even try because you will just fail”

The Higher-self says, “Let’s do it! The only loss will be not trying and we are great at this type of thing. It will be good for us, let’s go!”

Know what To Listen For when connecting to your higher-self.

The higher-self will refer to you as “we” or say things like “you are on the right track, we’ve got this”. Refer to this article for more in-depth spirit identification tips.

Do something you love to connect with your higher-self!

The best way to connect to your higher-self is to treat yourself with the utmost love and care. The higher-self is the divine part of you and when you feed that part of you it grows as does your connection to it!

Call your higher-self back to you.

Throughout life, we tend to forget who we are and we leave aspects of ourselves behind. Go into meditation, review painful memories, send love to them, and then call that aspect of yourself back. These are called soul fragments you can learn more about them here.

We have to stop living separately from our higher-selves if we ever want to truly be happy and healthy. The higher-self is our whole self, our true self, our authentic and divine self. Allow it to step forward and make it a point to connect throughout the day each and every day!

The higher-self may feel like a strong intuition or may sound like your own voice. Just remember the best way to tell if it’s really your higher-self is if it has your best interest at heart!

If you’ve been working to develop your intuition and you haven’t made it very far, you may want to evaluate your connection to the higher-self.

To learn how to connect with your guides, higher-self, and develop your intuitive abilities check out the intuitive development course!

If you’re more of a one on one type person I would be happy to mentor you!

If you are looking to really dive deep into all of this and you’re ready to commit to your practice I recommend that you check out the 6 month or year-long programs I have available.

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