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Why Some Psychic Messages Are General And Not Super Specific

Why Some Psychic Messages Are General And Not Super Specific

Hey, I want to talk about something real, something raw, and something not a lot of psychics will openly share about. Guess what? I’m not a lot of psychics and I make it a mission to talk as openly and honestly about my profession as I can. For centuries the term psychic has carried a bad connotation. Yes, there are scammers out there….but isn’t that the case in every industry? There are also many great mediums, healers, and lightworkers that bring so much healing to the table with their gifts.

So today in an effort to clear the air a bit, we are going to talk about the messages that come through in intuitive readings. The type in which the person sitting in front of you is a translator for spirti..i.e. A psychic medium.

When you’re going to see a medium for a psychic message it is important to remember that while you may be going in with a specific question in mind, spirit often has other plans. Sure, they will touch on your question but you may be needing to hear something much more important than your initial intention.

Spirit brings through what we need to hear and doesn’t really care about what we WANT to hear. (Red flag alert! Be cautious of psychics who only tell you what you want to hear). This is why sometimes you may go into a reading asking about a soul mate and come out with an entirely new perspective on life. Perhaps the medium brought up things from childhood that still need to be healed. Things you probably haven’t thought about in decades. Spirit brings things up that are left unresolved so that they can be healed. You may think you “forgot” or “don’t care” anymore but subconsciously you may. When these things come up it’s not to make you feel bad! It’s to give you the opportunity to heal so that the soulmate you’re seeking can come into your life once you’re spiritually ready. Scenarios like this happen in good readings all. of. the. time.

It is also important to remember that while some of the messages may sound “general”, spirit knows exactly what it’s doing. These are the messages you need to hear in order to start the healing and progressing process!

When it comes to spirit they don’t focus on the physical specifics for long. The specifics are generally to help you to trust the medium you’re connecting with.

For example, when I am connecting to your loved one, that spirit must come through with specifics to help me identify them to you. For me (since I am mostly clairaudient) this is usually in the form of personality, mannerisms, and the overall tone. When a spirit comes through clairvoyantly they may present memories to help me connect the dots and they may share their appearance. In addition to that, they may show me specific items that were meaningful to them or to you.

If we (the mediums) focus so much on validating the person to you that we spend 20 minutes on that alone, we may miss their overall message! It takes a lot of energy for them to connect to you and they don’t want to waste it on playing Pictionary the entire time. If the reading is legit, they should keep their living personality throughout the reading and they should be pretty easily identifiable by this.

Whether your medium is connecting to a specific loved one, the collective, or your spirit guide the message should overall resonate. Remember the medium is a translator and sometimes things get mixed up and wires get crossed. Overall, however, the message should make sense and have enough specifics to let you know it is specifically for you.

Remember, spirit speaks in metaphors and memories to help connect the dots. (This is part of clairvoyance)

An Example: During a recent reading, I was seeing a port going into my client’s heart and I connected it to chemotherapy. My client did, in fact, have a pump going to her heart and it was much like chemo in the way that was making her feel. However, it was instead a pump for antibiotics. Since I had never heard of that before, spirit used my own memories of when my stepfather had something similar to help connect the dots.

Keep in mind email and full session readings are different types of readings

Email readings are GREAT! They offer much healing and often specific information about life and purpose. However, they are not great for connecting with deceased loved ones or getting to the deep deep roots of an issue. Email readings are more for intuitive guidance which is why they may seem a bit more vague than a full session where your grandmother might step forward.

That being said, members of your spirit team are likely to deliver very healing type messages. Things like what you should or could be doing, steps you can take, things you need to focus on, and/or what you can be healing. They can give specific information like things you have experienced in life. However, generally speaking, they are not going to tell the medium what you had for breakfast on Wednesday of last week.

One last thing

Remember, spirit tries to fit as much into a session as they can! They try to hit on the most important topics that will serve your highest good at the time. If you go into the session wanting to hear a specific message or answer then you may miss the healing messages they need to deliver. Similar to the way the universe can throw a million signs in your path but if you’re not ready to see them you’re going to walk right past.

Before any psychic, healing, or mediumship session, try to clear your mind. Release expectations of what you WANT to hear so that the information that you NEED to hear can flow easily to you!

Want to learn how to get the specifics from spirit for your own mediumship readings? Check this out!

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