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When You Pick Up On Spirit And The Timing Isn’t Right

We’ve all seen those shows about psychic mediums who walk around and give readings to any and everyone that crosses their path. The readings are always heartfelt, loving, and mostly accurate. I once wrote an article that saying you can’t and shouldn’t go around giving just anyone a spirit message and I still stand by that. That doesn’t mean however that spirit doesn’t pop up whenever they want too.

For the most part, I am no Theresa Caputo when it comes to picking up on people’s deceased loved ones out in public places. She’s amazing and has tons of guts for doing so, I admire her on so many levels. Recently I have even been studying her work and her show wondering how she leaves herself so open all the time.

Ask and you shall receive, right? As we know, spirit is always listening!

Recently, I was asked to go to a child’s birthday party and it was a blast! Did I mention it was at a trampoline park? Not only did my kid have fun but so did my husband and I.

We did backflips, tackled each other, I slam dunked a basketball and he couldn’t so now I have a new bragging right. We had more fun than we have had in a lonnngggg time. All inhibitions were out the window.

I wasn’t thinking about a thing except having fun…I was especially not thinking about connecting to spirit.

Eventually, the jumping came to an end and we headed to the birthday room for cake and presents. When we entered I felt a slight heaviness and thought it was just the energy of the room – too many people.

In that moment I imagined myself in white light but did nothing more. No grounding, no clearing, no calling in my guides. I should have…I also should have done it before I left the house that morning but I was too rushed to think about it.

As they brought out the cake I felt someone grab my arm but when I turned to look, no one was there.

A spirit was trying to get my attention and it was quite persistent. I was not prepared to connect so I said “I’m sorry but I’m closed for business. I can’t do this right now, there are far too man people here to figure out who you belong too.” I was wrong. The spirit backed up reluctantly but a wave of his emotions came rushing over me to the point that I almost could not contain it.

“I just want to be here for my son’s birthday. I just want to be with my family. My wife needs me though she does not show it. Look, she still wears her ring and it’s been over a year.”

Ugh, I felt like such a jerk! Though I didn’t have any details, I had been told in passing that the child’s father had previously passed away.

Of course, that was who it was, of course, he wanted to be there.

I couldn’t do it though, I couldn’t just interrupt this kids birthday party. How could I tell the mother that I was medium and that her deceased husband was in the room? At the moment, I just couldn’t. Though I really really wanted too.

I knew that he needed to connect with her but it wasn’t the time or the place given all of the people in the room.

I watched as this mother smiled at her son, them opening presents, and everyone around me laughing and joking. All while I sat there completely connected to someone that they could not see. Feeling his pain, his emotions, and his yearning for his family to know he was there.

I felt like such a jerk for trying to push him away and a jerk for not delivering his message. The timing was just off.

I made him a deal that if he could connect us in the future, I would gladly deliver all the messages he had for his family. It would be an honor to do so.

My son asked to leave shortly after cake and I must say I was thankful he did. I thought that if I could just leave that behind I could go about the rest of my Sunday like everyone else.

When we got to the car my husband asked me what was wrong. I didn’t tell him but he may have got the hint after I asked if it had been about a year since the father’s passing and the way he passed.

I tried meditating, clearing my chakras, smudging myself, and even showering when I got home. Nothing was working to reset my energy.

The rest of the day I was emotional, moody, and had little to nothing to say to anyone. It was as if I was watching myself just go through the motions of the day. If only I had delivered the message I would’ve felt better.

So many thoughts and emotions were whirling through my head at that time. How could I be so selfish wanting to feel better when this family lost a husband and a father? Should I have delivered his message, what if they really needed it? The timing wasn’t right I could have ruined the entire birthday party. All day my thoughts spiraled.

Hats off to you Theresa. I don’t know how you stay so open all the time. I don’t know how you have the guts to deliver those messages but thank you for having guts and leading the way.

Being a medium isn’t easy but I wholeheartedly love what I do. I’m usually so careful to ground myself and set my boundaries before leaving the house but this time I didn’t. I can’t help but think there must have been a reason that on that day of all the days I forgot.

This job isn’t for the faint of heart but oh how it can make a heart grow.

With love, Ashley

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