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When Dream’s Become Reality

A few years ago I married THE MOST WONDERFUL MAN, seriously y’all he rocks. He cooks, he cleans, he puts up with me…. He is seriously the best and an added bonus he’s smokin’ hot!

A few weeks before hubbs and I got engaged I had another one of my dreams. By this point I had it figured out that my grandmother visits me in my dreams so I really started to pay attention to them.

The Dream 

My grandpa is laying in his bed and my grandma comes in the room, she is holding a suitcase. I ask her what she is doing there because in the dream I know she is passed away. “It’s going to be ok; Grandpa is going to come with me soon. Everything is going to be alright” She packs his suitcase and that is all I remember.

The Reality

A few days later I get a call from my mom telling me Gramps is in the hospital with neck pain and they need to run some tests. A few days later she asks me to come to the hospital because they need to talk to me. When I arrive I sit in my car not wanting to get out….not wanting to face the reality of what I already knew. I see my mom and she starts talking….I gently told her I already know what’s going on. “Who told you?” she said with a snippy tone. I told her about my dream and she began to cry. At this point we didn’t know the cause, we just knew it wasn’t good.

A few weeks later my then boyfriend of 6 years FINALLY proposed! I was on cloud 9, I waited so long for this. He finally knew what I did all along…I was awesome and he wanted to spend his life with me. The day we went to look at our venue was the day we found out Gramps had stage 4 lung cancer. The happiest time of my life was quickly turning into the hardest.

Gramps got to walk me down the aisle and got to feel his grandson kick! That’s right I got pregnant on the honeymoon and we now have bouncing bundle of boy.

When I was 7 months pregnant Grandpa took a turn for the worst. At his beside we sat while he passed. I remember feeling a presence enter that I KNEW was my grandma and while everyone was crying and making phone calls I was peaceful. I felt an overwhelming sense of calm. I couldn’t explain it. What was wrong with me? My grandfather just passed away, why wasn’t I crying? I remember saying to my family “he is still here, he can see what you are all doing, calm down….he is still here” of course they all looked at me like I was crazy but somehow I knew.

Grandma came and she escorted her husband to the beautiful other side. Want to know something really cool about all of this? That little boy that I grew was born on Grandpa’s birthday.

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