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Whats It Like When A Medium Loses A Loved One?

What happens when a medium loses someone they love? Some people may think that it’s easier on a medium to lose someone they love because well, they can still talk to them; this is both true and false. As a medium, I have lost many people that I cared deeply about and I have hurt just as bad as those around me. I have cried, questioned the universe, and begged for them to come back…just like everyone else. I will say however that I may move through the grieving process at a faster pace than some, but that isn’t just because I’m a medium. Sure, being a medium helps but not necessarily in the way you might think.

Let me explain….

When a spirit leaves its body there is a transitional period and the spirit may have some loose ends to tie up! The spirit may need to visit some people they didn’t get to say goodbye to, clear up some old karmas, or even give some people signs that they are ok. Once a spirit crosses over they need to get acclimated to their new environment and learn how to reconnect with us. The spirit usually goes through a life review, has a resting period, and there is certainly a learning curve.

When you account for all of this, you see that the spirit is actually pretty busy on the other side; so even if I (a medium) lose a loved one I still can’t connect with them right away. This is why if you ask a medium to connect you with a loved one who just passed a month ago, most of them will tell you it is too soon. If they gladly take your money and do the reading that day, well then be careful as this could be a red flag!

As mentioned above a spirit may give us signs that they are still hanging around such as shadows, moving things, making noises in the house, etc. Don’t be alarmed…this is very common especially with those who lose their life unexpectedly. I’ve had many clientss get concerned when I tell them that their loved one isn’t crossed over yet. Most of the time they just aren’t ready and that is ok! This doesn’t mean they won’t go into the light, it just means it isn’t time yet.

So initially, humanly, and emotionally; losing a loved one is just as hard for us mediums as it is for everyone else.

Why it’s easier for mediums to process

I was at the bedside when my grandfather’s spirit left his body; at the time I was not a practicing medium but the gifts were still there. Clairvoyantly I saw my grandmother walk into the room and stand next to him, then I felt the utmost sense of peace I had ever felt in my entire life. As my surrounding family was crying hysterically and chaos was erupting; somehow 7 months pregnant, though I was crying, I was at peace.

Back then I had a hard time putting it into words and all I could say was “everyone needs to calm down, he’s still here. He’s watching all of this.” My family looked at me like I was crazy, but that was all I could get out of my mouth. I sat there with small tears rolling down my cheeks all the while in the most peaceful and blissful state I had ever experienced. I now know that I was feeling my grandfather’s spirit, his presence, and probably that of his spirit team. The days following were a little harder, there have been days that I just wished I could hug him, or even hear one of his lonnnngggg “history lessons.”

Being a medium, however, has given me a new outlook on death. It’s hard for us, but for the spirit 90% of the time they feel relieved and they feel HAPPY! As someone who works with spirit daily, I’ve found comfort in knowing that even if they aren’t making themselves known at all times, we have an entire support system on the other side looking out for us! This support system includes loved ones, friends, and even sometimes…friends of friends!

I still experience all 5 stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. As a medium I do move through the grieving process a bit faster but only because I know and understand the beauty of what we can not see; not because I can connect with them at will. Finding comfort in a loved one’s loss is something I find of high importance! When grieving, it can help you move through the process so much easier. Remember this, just because you’re not crying every day or you’re trying to move on with your life, this does not mean that you love that person any less…and they know this! They want you to be happy, your

Remember this, just because you’re not crying every day or you’re trying to move on with your life; this does not mean that you love that person any less…and they know this! They want you to be happy, your loved ones want you to accept their passing so that they can come to you! Only their body has left you…not their spirit.

With so much love, Ashley

This article is dedicated to those who have left us and took a little piece of our heart’s with them. Let us remember all of those who we feel left this Earth too soon; knowing that they are in spirit now, guiding and protecting us.

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