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What Is The Oneness Movement?

A few years ago I started going to a group meditation also known as a oneness blessing. As I sat in the seat my very first time I was admittedly nervous and to be honest I felt a bit awkward. I was about to close my eyes and meditate with a group of strangers! I had no clue at the time what to expect and I just kept asking myself…”what is oneness?”

I reflect back on that moment in time often; remembering my curiosity and more importantly the way that I felt during and after the blessing. I had never felt such an intense connection to people I had never met. The connection wasn’t with them individually but with the energy that I felt in the room. It’s hard to explain but it was almost as if I could feel a strand of energy extending from each of us and joining in the middle of the circle to create one giant mass of energy. I fell in love and I still go whenever I get the chance! Every time I leave a oneness blessing I am totally blissed out!

Let’s talk about oneness for a second, shall we?

The other day as I was washing my hair my guides popped in as they so often do and boy did they have a lot to say! In fact, they had soooo much to say that I had to write it down before I forgot. I could tell the message was intense and it was really important! I don’t find it any coincidence that this message came to me at the end of the year right before we welcome in 2017.

My guides told me that was are all connected as one, something I’ve heard many times and try to remember throughout my life’s journey. It’s not always easy, though! Sometimes people make you mad, our country has been a bit of a mess for a while now, and let’s face it sometimes people can be “jerks”. In those moments it’s hard to wrap our minds around how we can all be interconnected but the truth is we are.

My guides started to get very scientific on me when I challenged them about rude people, hurtful people, and those we were intentionally malicious. When the Universe speaks of oneness it reminds us that everyone is a part of you and you are a part of them. This would then mean that someone with the most loving soul was also a part of someone who committed a horrendous crime. When you think about it that way it makes no sense at all and you may start to blow the entire concept off. Though if you look at it from a different angle it may start to make a bit of sense.

Think about someone in your life right now that you just can’t seem to mesh with; you’ve tried over and over but this person just gets under your skin! In the theory of oneness, we are supposed to look at that person and realize that what we dislike about that person is something we need to work on within ourselves.

“ WHAATTTTTTTT? Girl, no! I do not treat people with disrespect in a way that he does! I do not look down to people and act as if I’m better than them!”

Ok, maybe you don’t as a whole, but realllllly take a look around and I mean dig deep! Is there maybe ONE person in your life that you treat this way? Perhaps you’ve been taking your spouse for granted and you talk down to them without realizing it. Could it be that you actually treat YOURSELF the way that this man treats others? Difficult people are meant to teach us and to help us grow. Remember, everyone is our teacher! Sure there are extreme cases but if they weren’t extreme, would we even notice them?

Let’s get back to the scientific aspect that spirit gave me, shall we?

When I finally quit interrupting them and let them talk they showed me one white circle and one dark. That vision was to show me that without darkness there would be no light. Without the sad times, we couldn’t truly appreciate the happy times. I agreed but admittedly still I was a bit confused, so they gave me a more intellectual and dramatic approach that went a little something like this….

“Picture the human body and all of its inner workings. You have organs, bones, blood, molecules, and more. They all work together to create the whole…to create you. All of these parts big, small, dark, light, fluid, and solid…they all create a whole person. This is how oneness works.The universe is the body, the Earth is but one of its major organs, and the people are the inner workings. You may have some people who are seemingly bad, seemingly evil, but they are still a part of the entirety of the system.When you say “I could never be one with those who are unjust or one of those who are unloving.” think of disease or cancer cells. Are cancer cells not a part of a patient’s body? They are!Cancer cells are unpleasant, unfortunate, and they can wreak havoc on the human system as a whole. However, the fact here is that they are STILL a part of the human body. They still live within the body and thus whether you like it or not…they are one with that human body.This is the same with the Earth and the Universe, we are all one. Everything is one. Just as an infinite amount of water droplets form to make one ocean body, just as the trees grow from the depths of the Earth, everything is one. We are all connected.Most people who survive terminal dis-eases are the ones who picture their body as a temple. These people try to not get angry at the forces within. Instead, they send love and they send light to the places that need it and this is where you hear of “miraculous healings.” We want to remind you that people, animals, the Earth should be approached the same way.Send love to the darker aspects of yourself. Imagine pink light flowing to those who are incapable of love. Healing light shoudl be sent to those who need it most…both “good” and “bad” people.Remember that you are all one. Atoms form molecules; that form cells; that form tissues; that create larger life forms.”

Or something like that 🙂

To me, this breakdown helped to better understand that no matter how dark or how light someone may seem, we are still all one. We are still all outward reflections of “another”, I encourage you to remember this the next time you’re faced with a less than pleasant person. I know at times it’s tough to think of the office “jerk” as a reflection of you but give it a try!

Namaste everyone! Namaste: “The divine in me honors the divine in you” “The soul in me honors the soul in you”

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