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What Happens When You Don’t Follow Your Soul’s Purpose?

Life doesn’t always go as planned. It doesn’t always put us on the path our parents laid out for us and we don’t necessarily end up where we think we need to be. What happens when you head down the path that was paved for you by someone else? What happens when you’re not on the path you’re meant to be on?

Short answer, most of the time it’s a tough road to travel.

Some people are natural born healers, others have a talent for art. Still, some love to tinker and work with their hands. What happens when an artist is forced to be a doctor? When a healer is forced to be a laborer? Eventually, that individual is going to develop some hardships; some resistance to the path they are on.

This resistance may come intentionally (rebelling against the path laid out for them by their parents) or it could come from outside sources like the Universe.

The Universe will do whatever it can to point you towards your soul’s purpose. If you’re not fulfilling that purpose or you’re headed in the opposite direction, the Universe is going to do everything it can to put you back on track. Does this mean throwing some curveballs at you? You betcha!

I am a creative, I always have been. I used to paint, draw, and write constantly. As a teenager, it was my biggest outlet. I wanted to go to school for art and I wanted to be a graphic designer. My plan was to work for a big advertising agency where I could see my work up on billboards.

I didn’t get to go to the school I wanted and I didn’t get to get my degree in graphic design. I paid my way through a few semesters and then I went right out and got myself a “big-girl job.”

Right out of high school I started working for a CPA. Next, I worked for a financial company! Within two years I was the owner’s right-hand man ….err girl. At 19 years old I was basically the eyes and ears of a company that employed over 70 people. I was proud of myself, I was doin’ big things!

After a while, I realized that I just couldn’t grow anymore within the company. At 21 staying in the same position forever just wasn’t an option for me, so I had to leave. I set the intention to find a similar job in which I could grow.

I landed a job as operations manager for a local tech company! The money was great but the working environment was nothing less than hostile. My manager had me working 17 hour days…I kid you not, 17 hour days. I was miserable and regretted ever leaving the financial company.

When I left the tech company, I found a new job within ONE DAY! I was granted the opportunity to work for the vice president of one of the biggest companies in my area. Ecstatic doesn’t even describe the happiness I felt!

There I was 23 years old, no degree, working for an executive of one of the biggest companies around. My excitement lasted about 8 months until I realized yet again…I couldn’t grow.

I realize now that what I was looking for wasn’t lateral growth but spiritual.

The Universe knew what I needed more than I did. Wrench after wrench it threw at me and my plans. As a kid, I never said I wanted to grow up to be an office manager…but then again I never said I wanted to grow up to be a psychic medium…

The Universe did everything it could to derail me from the track I was on. The track of being a lifer in a career that was not meant for me! I wasn’t listening to the Universe, I was focused on who I SHOULD be and what I SHOULD be doing.

Eventually, the Universe gave me a forehead slap and jolted me out of the facade I was living. I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to go with what felt right.

I am now a blogger, a designer, a teacher, and a medium. Finally, I living my soul’s purpose and I couldn’t be happier! For the first time in my life, I am doing everything I said I wanted to do when I was younger! Except maybe the medium part…I’m not sure anyone plans to be a medium but hey, I’m here and I love it!

Have you been living a life to please another or did you pick a career based solely on the salary? If so, I invite you to step back and look at your life as a whole. Are you happy? Have you encountered obstacle after obstacle? Does your heart have a desire to do something that your ego says you can’t?

Look where your heart lies, that is your true passion…that is where you will truly accel.

I know changing life paths can be scary but waking up miserable day after day is terrifying. What a horror wondering what life could have been had you taken that leap, had you just tried.

Scary is telling people you’re a medium. Scary is putting yourself out there and letting people see the real you. It took me years to come clean about it but I did and I am now happier than I’ve ever been. Staying true to yourself is the best gift you can give not only to yourself but also to everyone you encounter.

Stay light, my friends.

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