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What Happens After You Manifest What You Want?

What happens after you manifest what you want?

I have been teaching about the law of attraction and manifesting for years now, and I’ve seen remarkable results from clients and readers. In fact, I believe I’ve got this whole thing down to a science because it really is just that, a science!

I know, trust, and believe that when you put intention, feeling, and belief together, it is impossible not to manifest.

From where you are sitting, it may seem that the world is darker and more desolate than ever before, but my friend, if you choose to see the beauty and healing in all of this, everything will change for you.

What happens if you actually manifest what you want? Is it greedy to ask for more?

As humans, we are lead to believe that everything is limited.

  1. We think money is limited.

  2. The world tells us time is limited.

  3. And of course, resources are definitely limited.

What if I told you that (for the most part) these are only programmed thought patterns that can be replaced? Would you believe that there was more than enough to go around and that you could start manifesting it today?

When I manifested my first $500 through my business, I freaked out! Seriously, I had a call with my friend Amanda Meder, and I said, “oh my god, what if this never happens again?” I was so excited about that $500, then within 5 minutes, I was afraid it would be yanked away.

A few years after that, I manifested an amount of money that my bank account had never seen. I was happy for about 5 minutes and then scared again that I would never be able to replicate that type of payday. Fear took over my being. I went from earning more than I ever had to profiting less than I ever had over the following 3 months. When I added up the four months together, it equaled my minimum amount needed to survive — nothing more, nothing less.

We manifest what we believe we are worth.

My old belief was that I was only worth the number I had made at my corporate job, so that is exactly what I made year after year in my own business. Then it clicked in. If I wanted to manifest more money, I had to see that I was worth more money! I realized at that moment that we truly believe we are worth what people tell us we are worth.

So manifesting isn’t magic, it’s just what we tell ourselves we are available for!

We will always win at whatever we set our minds to, so if your mind is set to make 20K, that is what you will make. If you decide you are worth 75K, you will naturally find a way to manifest that. It’s all about the decision and the desire you have within yourself. Decision and desire is where the belief is formed. After the belief is formed, the shift happens! (This video course will be your guide to all things manifestation!)

What do you decide you are worth? What are you available to manifest?

Now that we know a bit of the science behind the law of attraction, what happens when you manifest everything you want? Then what? Do you just stop? Three times now I have manifested all that I wanted and then asked myself the same question. What now?

In the past, when this happened, I got comfortable, then I got lazy, then I got down. When we don’t have something to look forward to or a goal to reach, what are we even doing here? As Oprah says, “If I don’t have goals or a job to do I might as well be dead!”

Recently I manifested:

  1. Selling my car to the ideal person (within 24 hours of deciding).

  2. Buying my new car (which looked exactly like what I had envisioned).

  3. Paying for new windows with unexpected income.

Plus, a few other things all while in the middle of a pandemic. Then I asked myself what more could there be to manifest? I started to feel guilty for even wanting more.

Here is the thing, if you are calling in desires for your best and highest, then there is no guilt to be had!

I had to remember Amanda Frances’ words “When you have money, you can be of high service. Money does not have to be wrong or evil. Good people can do great things with money!” Make this your new truth!

When you are wondering what is left to manifest, do this journaling exercise!

  1. Write about your ideal day to manifest what you desire!

  2. What does it look like?

  3. Maybe it’s as simple as being able to hand a family in need $50 without even thinking about it.

  4. Perhaps it’s paying for a strangers dinner

  5. Or even committing a monthly amount currently unfathomable to you to a charity.

  6. Maybe it’s something small on the house you’ve always wanted to do!

You don’t have to feel guilty for wanting more. You can manifest and still be of high service!

I’ve been able to give more free content because I’ve manifested more.

The Facebook lives I do each month take up 8 coaching spots that I had available. Did you know that? (That’s kind of a lot of income I relinquished) Each Facebook Live is an hour and the follow-up work is about 1.5. Now, however, because I’ve decided to manifest I can relinquish those spots and give more away for free, thus doing the work of spirit and helping more in need!

Throw the guilt away and decide that you get to live the life of your highest, most outrageous desires! The more you call in that feels good the more good you can do in the world. You manifest what you need and want is of high service, don’t forget it babe!

With love and gratitude, The Manifesting Mama!

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