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The Reason We Can Feel Energy & How To!

Feeling Someone’s Energy and Vibrations 

How is it that we can take on the moods, energies, and even personalities of other people?

Simple! Energy transference just like a radio signal. You are able to feel and sense the vibrations and energy waves of another because well you are energy yourself.

All living things are able to sense the vibration of other living things. This is how animals can sense danger and fear in those around them. When this happens it may cause them to become overwhelmed and fearful themselves.

People can sense the vibration of a space and another person’s energy just the same. When someone is in a low vibration they carry that energy with them. Their presences can feel heavy and thick even if they have a smile on their face. The closer you are to a person or the more in touch you are with your intuitive side, the easier it is to feel the vibrations and emotions of others.

It is so important to remember to clear your energy at the end of the day. Also, make sure to block your energy from absorbing the energy of others in moments that you are not intentionally open to receive.

A way you can do this is to imagine wearing a heavy-thick raincoat when in public spaces or around those with heavy energy. Imagine putting this coat on as a layer of protection shielding you from all that is being thrown in your direction. See this negative energy sliding off and back into Mother Earth to be cleansed cleared and recycled. (If you’re an empath and want more ways to ground and protect check this out!)

If you wish to start feeling energy from others a good place to start is with plants and pets!

Go up to any plant, close your eyes, and ask to start receiving its energy. From there you may notice a slight warmth or tingle in the hands and fingertips. You may be able to feel if that plant is healthy or is lacking in some area. A great way to take this exercise a bit further is to ask yourself (or the plant) what it needs. More water? Less water? More or less sunshine? Perhaps even fresh air or to be moved inside?

Next, try it with one of your animals!

Close your eyes and ask the animal’s higher self to connect with you. From there you can gently pet or place your hands about an inch over the animal. (They LOVE THIS) It is so easy for them to feel and receive your energy and remember, they are happy to share with you as well.

You can scan the body to see if there are “warmer” areas. If so, you may focus your attention here for a moment or two sending white light to the area. You may also be pulled to work with crystals at this time, if so just let your intuition guide you!

You may also ask your pet what it needs just as you did with the plant. Does it need more food, more walks, more one on one attention, more solitude, a safe space to call its own?

Listen and be receptive! Let your intuition guide you! This is meant to be a fun experience for you to start feeling and receiving energy.

Once comfortable you can use this modality in practice readings with friends and family! Remember, it is totally unethical to tap into people’s energy without first getting their permission. However, once you do, you may be surprised at to what you find!

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