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Spirit Works In Mysterious Ways

This week was a hectic one; I lost a dear friend to a car accident, saw people that I haven’t seen in 10 plus years, and it’s the week of Christmas 2016. As an empath and an intuitive, energetically chaotic times (such as the holidays) can wreak havoc on our system. Our energy gets drained quickly and it’s up to use to replenish it.

Finding out a friend I grew up with had passed away was sad, to say the least. However, what came of it was more than I think any of us could have imagined. Enemies who were once dear friends came together for a few hours, to honor a bright soul that moved on to the stars too soon. I myself reconnected with my high school bestfriend and we walked into the funeral together as if we never parted 4 years ago. When we saw the brother of the friend who passed away he looked us in the eye and said

“Wow! Thank you both so much.”

It was as if he wasn’t just saying thank you for being here but thank you for being together on this day. As my old bestfriend and I passed guests of the family we reminisced about old times and laughed at how some things never change. We stood next to each other not saying a word but knowing that we were right where we needed to be and with whom we needed to be with. People who “hated” each other for years were exchanging hello’s, passing smiles, and even hugging. I was proud of my old friends…these people who I didn’t even know anymore.

For one day, everything was ok.

All quarrels and angsts were set aside and we just were…we were there to honor and celebrate the life of one that so many loved.

During the service I know I heard her voice on multiple occasions; she didn’t want us crying, my dear friend did not want us mourning her, she wanted us to be there for each other, and for one day we were.

I heard her say “let’s just get this party started!” because that’s who she was. I heard her laughing at the old man snoring in the I heard this he jolted awake! When I heard her she wasn’t sad…not at all. She was happy and so joyous at the fact that all of us had come together on this day.

I recall an excerpt from the service where the facilitator said something like

“How are you going to let this affect all of you? Are you going to be sad and mourn her death and then go on about life as usual? Will you perhaps let this change your life and remind you to LIVE your life just as she did? Will you start greeting every day with a smile such as your friend did? Will you set aside your differences and let this moment bring you back together with those you’ve parted from? How will you let this tragedy affect your life? Will you start to love openly, apologize, and forgive? I know that your friend would want you to live in the utmost highest because that is what she did every day.”

Looking around it was as if he were speaking to so many of us who were once so close and had fallen apart…I could almost envision these words coming from my friend who had passed instead of the man standing at the podium.

After the service, I was one of few friends that went back to the family’s house to celebrate her life and I’m glad I did. As her brother reminded me, it doesn’t matter how far apart we may be from our friends, or how long we go without talking. Real friends don’t need to talk every day to know that they are loved…they just need to be there when it matters most. Even if some of the people who showed up to celebrate my dear friend only talked for that single day, that’s all that matters.

Spirit’s that have passed recently or ages ago have a way of making the unexpected happen. They can bring us together, rearrange things to give us the what we desire, and they can guide us down the right path.

Two days after the funeral I went to look at Christmas lights with my family in the town next to mine. The house we intended to visit happened to be on the same road as my grandparent’s house – my childhood home. Tears and memories surfaced and it was hard yet heartwarming at the same time. We then decided to look at another house on the opposite side of town; wouldn’t you know it? This route took us past the cemetery where my grandparents are buried, the funeral home of my recently deceased friend, past my husband and I’s old college, and into a neighborhood that I hadn’t even thought about in 15 years.

I could hear my grandparents along this drive telling me they were with us and that they never go very far. You see, in the beginning, I spoke with them allllll the time. They were the ones that helped me get acclimated to my gifts. Once I started using my gifts regularly and working with my guides, I heard from my grandparents less and less. It’s been a while since I’ve heard from them so it was a treat to hear from them the other night!

Needless to say after multiple emotional days, hugging people I hadn’t seen in years, and quite a bit of travel, my energy was completely depleted. I was having an energy crisis for sure! Luckily I can identify this now and I know exactly what to do when it happens. Meditate! So that is exactly what I did and I’m feeling better than ever. I am of course still missing those who have left too soon, but all in all my vibes are up!

I know that losing a loved one can be hard…especially around the holidays. I hope this article reminds you that they can still guide you from the other side. Notice when old people start surfacing in your life again, this may be spirit telling you it’s time to heal!

I’m sending so much love out to the world right now and I pray that everyone has a great holiday!

With so much love, Ashley

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