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So do you believe in God?

Yes I do! In fact, I believe in God now where as before I started my spiritual journey I questioned it constantly.

As a kid we went to church on holiday’s or when my mom thought I needed “some Jesus in my life” because I was being a rotten teenager. I had always argued even as a young child like 6 years old, that it’s not fair to say one religion is right and one is wrong. Who were we to say that our way was right and everyone else was wrong? Didn’t religion start wars? Didn’t people use religion as a tool to condemn others? If God was so about love then why did his name cause so much hatred and turmoil across the globe? As you can see I have always had a mind and a mouth of my own….I got in trouble a lot for this.

My husband and I even had a long standing struggle about our son and religion. I said that if he wanted to start going to church we needed to teach him about all religions and he could decide on his own. While hubbs just wanted to pick a church and be done with it.

Through meditation and my connection to spirit I have found God. I am not claiming to have seen him or anything like that. I am saying I have found God. I have been saved as Christians say but really I have awakened. I see that God is love. God loves us all, God is light, God is source. You can not measure God’s love, we as human’s can’t even fathom this love but we know it’s there.

I have connected to angels, archangels, spirit guides, and crossed over loved ones. Through all of this and my own higherself, I now know that God is the divine light and love that we all are a part of. Religions are something human’s made up and God is universal.

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