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September Energy Reading 2019

September Energy Reading

The month of September will be filled with unexpected twists and turns. It is up to you to determine where these turns and trails will lead to. This is all dependant upon your vibration, remember that you are in charge of your own life, that you are in charge of your own light! Will it shine dim, or will it be bright for the world to see?

At this time, Mother Earth, she is hurting. She is craving love of the world of all that she supports and you dear one as a lightworker as a momentous being of this earth at this impeccable and stupendous time are being asked to serve her. To stand up for her – to send her your love and your light and to teach the children to reconnect with her and to love her at this time.

Throughout the month, all will be given the opportunity to participate. To do this, give her love by saving a life even that of a plant and by praying for her.

Your world is being flooded with new energies at the time, but it is also purging the old. In another sense, the earth is crying and having a rebirth! An exciting time for you as you witness this but a sad one as you see the destruction it ultimately brings.

You’re here at this time, and you are being asked to step into your authentic light because the more people that shift into the new consciousness, the easier it will impeccably be for all to make the shift!

You are a member of the light, please no longer be afraid to let that light shine!

At this time, we call on you to be a source of your own love. It is time to finally step up and see who you were born to be – a member of the audience or a speaker to the crowd? You do not need to shout from the rooftops that you are changing and shifting who you are on the inside as your energy will speak loudly enough.

To embrace the awakening and thus changes coming your way, please remember to tune into us and your own vibration. Remember to give kindness to yourself and to speak lovingly of yourself and another.

What we will leave you with today is that times are certainly changing as you would have it.

Many people will be shown their self-worth and opportunity for attunement is coming. This will look like challenges to many and relationships popping up as a chance to see their worth and love for themselves. You will realize what relationships and endeavors are serving you and where you can serve others better as well.

Use this time for great reflection and to build yourself up for what you are an energetic match to will always be in your experience. The higher your vibration, the more pure and joyful your existence!

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