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How To Interpret Synchronicities

How To Interpret Synchronicities

What are the synchronicities in your life trying to tell you? Have you seen the same numbers over and over? Are license plates, conversations, and t.v shows speaking to precisely what has been on your heart and mind lately? If so, these aren’t coincidences. These are synchronicities and this article will help you interpret them!

Synchronicities happen when we are in alignment with our soul’s purpose (even if we don’t know what that is yet) and when our spirit team is trying to get a message to us!

Something magical happens when you simply set the intention to expand your awareness and change your life. Sure, you have to take a few action steps to actually implement any lasting change, but when you decide you’re ready and available for change, spirit starts showing up for you.

Synchronicities are like breadcrumbs along your highest path!

  1. When you pick up a book and the chapter you’re reading speaks directly to your current life situation – that’s synchronicity!

  2. If you’re driving and see a license plate that encourages you or connects to what has been on your heart, it’s synchronicity!

  3. When you wake up at the same time each night to synchronized numbers, that isn’t happening by accident!

  4. Seeing numbers like 1111, 222, and 444 are your angels and guides trying to connect with you!

  5. Thinking about something or someone and then having that person or situation show up is both your intuition speaking to you and synchronicity happening for you!

Coincidence is a thing of the past when you shift into a higher vibration! You realize that nothing happens by accident, and everything is happening for you!

Like it or not, these experiences are happening as a way of showing you you’re elevating to the next level, my friend! It’s time to strap your boots on and get ready for the ride because it’s pretty exciting. When you bring awareness to the synchronicity, you will be given more clues and breadcrumbs. Those synchronistic moments often lead to opportunity and a new direction. Know that, In the end, synchronicities always lead to manifestation and positive outcomes!

Why are you seeing more synchronicities now than ever before?

#1 The reason you’re experiencing more synchronicities is that we are all shifting.

Our entire planet is shifting to what we in the “intuitive space” call the New Earth. Just like our own awakenings, things often get messy and painful before any transformation. This shift is happening now on our planet! As living creatures, we are upgrading, as a planet, we are cleansing, and as a whole, we are shifting.

Other reasons you’re seeing more synchronicities than before are:

  1. You’re ready! You’ve made space within yourself and accepted that something more might just be out there for you!

  2. It’s time for you to awaken! Likely you’ve been drawn to blogs like this one, spiritual understanding, and youtube videos that expand your knowledge and consciousness!

  3. You’re ready to know the truth…you might not know what that is yet, but you can feel within your being there is something you’re meant to discover!

  4. It’s time for you to unearth and accept who you truly are at your core! A healer, intuitive, an empath?

  5. You’ve shown interest in the divine or you’ve asked for guidance!

  6. For a while, you haven’t felt like you were in alignment, but you didn’t have any direction. Guess what? The Universe is showing you the way now!

Now that you know all about it, how do you interpret these synchronicities?

  1. Follow them! Thank the Universe for them! Get in alignment with the divine and raise your vibration!

  2. Allow yourself to be guided. You don’t always have to have a plan and be in control. When you loosen your grip, the Universe can do its thing!

  3. Get in touch with your intuition! Obviously, spirit/the Universe is trying to connect with you learn how to receive their guidance fluidly with this!

  4. Just know that you’re on the right track.

  5. Acknowledge, thank the Universe, trust in timing, and keep it moving!

Synchronicity is spirit’s way of showing you that you’re supported, and that magic is literally all around you. Now your job is to let it in and tune in so that your life can change and elevate for the better!

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Talk to you soon, my love!

xoxo Ashley

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