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Ringing in the New Year 2016

2015 was a really good year!  I started meditating and started using the Law of Attraction and accepted my abilities. I sold a house and bought a new house 5 minutes to the beach. By the way I LOVE the beach, it’s totally my solitude. Before finding my connection to spirit, when I had a super bad day (even in the dead of winter) I would make the 45 minute drive to the beach and just sit and watch the waves.

In 2015 I also stopped judging people based on their appearance, I decided to see the good in EVERYONE no matter their flaws, I stopped getting so worked up about things, and I started being kinder and gentler to everyone and every situation. This doesn’t mean that I am a saint…far from it. I still struggle with these things from time to time. My vibes get super low and when they do I know that I need to meditate or find some balance and slowwwwww down.

My biggest low this year was when my dog was hit my a truck. I was so mad at the universe….I was screaming and crying and asking “why?” I remember yelling out loud “I have done everything you have asked, I have changed my ways, I have helped people, I have given time and money to those in need, and I am trying to help my family as you asked why did this happen?” It definitely wasn’t one of my proudest moments, I started to lose my faith and wonder if this was all a crock of sh*t. I never gave up though, I struggled and I cried every day but I still prayed and talked to God and Spirit and asked them to heal her. I didn’t get many messages during this time and felt alone but deep down I knew I wasn’t. Well a miracle happened and after a few weeks of not knowing if she would live day to day I came home one day to a normal happy dog. This time I cried tears of joy. I went in my room and thanked God and I heard this “everything that happens is on your life path, it’s not always going to be easy. Sometimes you will be tested to the point of breaking and it is in that moment that you grow and take your next step forward. You didn’t lose sight and this was a giant test for you and everything you know. You did well, come back to love.” I will never forget that message and I admit that getting hit with something that hard turned my world upside down, so it took a while to get my vibes back up and honestly I’m still not sure I am as high as I was a few months ago but I am working on it.

That is where 2016 comes in, as we ring in the new year I have a few simple but powerful resolutions. No I’m not planning to hit the gym every day or save 90% of my paycheck…although both of those would be nice.

  1. I am going to work every day to increase my awareness of my emotions and use affirmations to raise my vibrations.

  2. I am going to be kinder and gentler than the day before each and every day.

  3. I am going to give myself a goal each month and meet it. January’s goal will be to meditate every morning before work. This is a big deal because I’m a hit the snooze button 5x kinda girl.

  4. I am going to ask myself every night if I showed my family enough love for the day. This one is powerful because when a toddler is screaming, dogs are barking, and a husband is frustrated; it is very easy to get caught up and raise your voice or lose your cool. So at the end of each night I will ask myself this and if the answer is “no” I will improve the next day.

  5. My main goal for this year is to be 100% true to myself. Quit doubting myself, quit telling myself I’m not pretty enough, or I’m not working out enough. The biggest part of this though is to truly accept myself for who and what I am. I am going to completely come out of the spiritual closet by January 1st 2017. I am a psychic medium and I am proud. There is nothing dark or shameful about my gift. It is beautiful and I can help people with this. I AM GOING TO BE TRUE TO MYSELF IN 2016!

Love, light, and many blessings y’all. Stay safe tonight!

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