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November Energy Reading

Remember this as you move through the month of November – your voice is meant to be heard and not stifled. Your presence is needed and though you may not think this your light is pure. You are a member of the earth, the sun, the stars, the moon, the universe. You are one that is needed on earth at this time. 

As we have mentioned before the earth is undergoing a large and bountiful shift and this month there has been a major program placed that has put this shift into even more of a forward action. What you need to know is that now your body may feel more aligned and attuned to our energy, your vibrations may feel more physical both when in and out of alignment meaning when you are out of alignment you will physically feel uncomfortable and out of place. When you are in alignment it may feel like an entire body is shaking or vibrating in a good way.You will notice this as the new normalcy! 

You will notice that you are being guided and pulled towards the places that you should so follow these” instinct” for even if not apparent right away you will understand at a later time. 

Right now you are being asked to prepare your vibration for not only the coming months but also for the next large pop or program if you will, as the earth shifts again and there is a major energy reset in January of your coming year

Last but not least since Ashley has asked us to provide guidance and feedback for love, relationship, and prosperity here is what we say:

Right now is the time to nurture relationships to help them grow and become more rooted. It is not the best time for starting new relationships as all are undergoing an energetic change and shift and are confused about who/where they are meant to be going at this time. So the best advice we could give regarding relationships is to be patient with your fellow humans, nurture them on a soul level, help them to heal, and be patient. This includes your relationship with the self! 

As for money abundance career and the like here is what we have to say:

You are all master manifestors and anything you need and desire can be pulled to you with much less effort than you think is needed. We guide you to write your order to us and feel it feel it feel it happening and then release. Let it go, burn it, whatever you need to do to signify it has been given back to the universe. You can manifest and you shall but dear ones you must must must relinquish control and see that it is an easy thing to do and not hard at all 

Last but not least we told Ashley this morning along her walk and will tell you now. Everything in this life is a gift. Every single thing. From the air to the clouds to the earthworm and even the cockroach. Everything in this life is either pulling you towards your purpose or pushing you away from what is not in your alignment. It is up to you to vibrationally tune in to see the lessons in each and every person and situation. When you look at a human to you see beauty and soul or do you see a burden and a physical being? Perception dear loves perception

In peace may you be.

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