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My Story – Part 4

My Story4

There are going to be quite a few “parts” to my story because, well I’m still writing it. It started 27 years ago so it’s hard to condense it all into one post! You may find that many of my experiences have to do with my grandparents and that is because their loss was the thing that finally made me accept my gifts. It is said that in most cases it takes a traumatic event to “wake you up,” that theory was completely accurate for me.

In part 3  I told you about how I knew we had an extra occupant in our last home; what I didn’t tell you was that we had a lot more spirit activity than just the one lost spirit. I had frequent things happen and I was okay with that even before I accepted my gifts because on some level I already knew who and what was there.

I love old photo albums and old pictures, I am probably one of the only people you know who actually goes back through old yearbooks a few times a year. I just love it! All the memories, the smells of the old book pages, and the fact that I can flip through the pages instead of clicking a screen. Back then you didn’t have a clue how the picture would turn out; there weren’t filters or selfies, it was just raw photos that you could pass on to the next generation.

In our old home I had a bookshelf with old family photo albums, books, and other assorted items. This was also our guest room so I really didn’t go in there very often. One night I was just an emotional hot-mess, I could not get it together. My boyfriend (now husband) had to work the next day and I didn’t want to let him know I was crying at 1 am for whatever reason it was (totally can not remember) so I went and sat in the guest room. I shut the door and sat on the floor and bawled my eyes out.

I remember talking out loud praying to God or whoever would listen to please PLEASE give me some kind of sign my grandmother was with me. I mean, looking back on it it makes me tear up, one of the most raw and emotional nights I’ve ever had…and now I can’t even remember why I was upset? I started talking out-loud as if my grandmother was standing in front of me, I was pouring my heart out. I remember repeatedly saying “please Grandma I miss you so much.”

And then it happened!

Three books fell off the shelf with a THUMP.

Y’all, I sat up straight and quit crying immediately!  “Well, okay then. Thank you, I love you too!”  I said out-loud.

Nothing on that bookshelf had ever fallen before and never fell again. I instantly felt calm and at peace. I knew someone was listening and more importantly I knew she was with me.

Here’s another thing about pictures….

I had this one collage frame that hung in the hallway that would constantly fall or end up crooked. It was rare that anyone walked down that hallway unless we had a guest. The doors were never slammed and it was hung very securely. Here’s the thing about that particular frame….it was filled with all of my deceased loved ones pictures. 

Often times we dismiss things as “coincidence” or joke about “having a haunted house” and most of the time that is simply not the case. It is usually spirit trying to get our attention; if we just took time to slow down and really notice the little things, I think we would all be surprised with what they actually mean.

Sending love and good vibes your way!


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