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My Story – Part 3

In part 2 I told you about the situation with the attic door and my grandmother. That experience changed my life…although I didn’t know it at the time. From then on I became even more fascinated with psychic’s, ghosts, and the afterlife. I started doing more research, watching TV shows about such things, and unknowingly I started sensing energy.

I have always ALWAYS been fascinated by old abandoned houses and I never knew why. I took pictures of them as a kid and would always go exploring in them when I had the chance. Not the safest thing to do when a house has been abandoned 100+ years….just sayin’.  Riding in the car with my boyfriend (now husband) I would say things like “I feel someone staring at me out of that window” and he would then bump me and scare the sh*t  out of me.

When we bought our first house it was everything I dreamed of. A cute two story, wrap around porch, in a quiet little neighborhood….but I always had this weird feeling about it like someone was watching me. I told Hubbs and he told me I was crazy, so I just laughed it off. One night before we moved all of our stuff in I was working at the house alone in the garage, just me and my dog. I started to get super SUPER creeped out; someone WAS watching me. The dog started acting funny…then I heard a knocking coming from inside the house and then it started thundering. Total horror movie scenario, so we hightailed it out of there as fast as we could.

Again, I told my husband and he told me I was crazy. A few months after moving in my friend came over and said “I feel like someone is watching me in your house…” I told her I was pretty sure we had a ghost and we both just laughed it off. I wasn’t kidding though for months I felt like someone was watching me and even heard a voice in the kitchen a few times.

A few months passed and my husband comes in one day and says “guess what?”

“The neighbor just told me they were hiding someone here before we moved in. Apparently he shot someone downtown and this is where he had been hiding.”

“I KNEW IT” I shouted “I FREAKING TOLD YOU WE HAVE A GHOST.” (please keep in mind this is way before I started working on opening up…I knew I had a gift but I had never explored it)

Lemme tell ya what he has to say next…ha…“The murderer was hiding here, the guy wasn’t killed here. We do not have a ghost.”

He was wrong. I believe the spirit of the man who was killed was in our house and was looking for the person who shot him. For 3 years I felt someone watching me, I even talked to a friend who had to have someone come cleanse her house because she also had a spirit that wouldn’t leave. She told me to tell it to leave but I felt silly and never did it. I grew to accept that I had someone living in my house and it just dealt with it.

Years later when I had my reading with Wendy one of the first things she said to me was “you’re not crazy. The things you hear and feel…they are real” She opened me up to books which lead to documentaries, then lead to my research.

When I told my husband I was putting bay leaves in all the windows and commanding the ghost to leave I thought he was going to die of laughter but he just said “do you.” So I did. I felt that it worked for a few weeks, but once I had my son I felt it had come back and was residing in his room.

Rocking my sweet baby to sleep one night, my dog looked at the wall opposite of us… hair up, growling, and barking ferociously. I had NEVER seen him do that. I RAN out of that room so fast an Olympian would have been impressed. I was so scared but I had had enough!

Before it didn’t bother me and we lived alongside of it just fine, but now it seemed angry. I did a little more research and finally got rid of it.

Here’s what I did…and what you can do if you have a similar problem.

  1. I firmly demanded it to leave. I opened all the windows and in a stern voice I said “Any spirit who is not here for the best and highest good of me and my loved ones must GET OUT NOW. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. It is okay for you to move on, I wish you the best, and I send you away with love but you must leave NOW and do not return this is not your home!!!” I did this in every room of my house.

  2. I added more bay leaves to the windows and above doors

  3. I repeated the process for three days.

This was in the beginning when I didn’t know about burning sage, using crystals, or how to play it safe.

It worked and I never had a problem with that spirit again.

Stay tuned for part 4!!

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