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My Manifesting Ritual – How I Left My Corporate Job Within 7 Months

What If I told you that you can have the life you want? That it’s all up to you?  No this isn’t one of those Law Of Attraction posts that promises you instant manifesting. It’s more like “Hey, here is what I know to be true. Here’s what works and here’s what doesn’t.” Today we are going to talk about journaling your way to a better life.

As you know from previous posts; your words and intentions hold more power than you, me, or even Deepak Chopra will ever realize. We are powerful, creative, energetic beings, brought here directly from Source (God). This means that you, I, and even your mother in law are all beings of unconditional love.

The universe really does want to work with us instead of against us. For us to utilize that gift as a tool we need to know what we are doing. We need to change things up a little bit.

We have become so accustomed to false belief systems and negative mindsets that anything else feels hard and uncomfortable. Being positive and happy around the clock feels like much more work than just following the crowd. It’s so easy to complain about but we don’t want. It’s so easy to focus on what we don’t have or what we don’t want to happen. Doesn’t it seem like we are always the kid sitting in class saying “please don’t call on me? Pleaseeeee don’t call on me!” Then we, of course, get called on?

What’s that about anyways?

I’ll tell ya right now! We get called on because we are so focused on what we don’t want that we actually attract it to us. Every situation in our life is one that we have in some way manifested on our own.

Illness, loss, hardships, in ways that we may not yet understand, we asked for those things. It could have manifested from a soul contract saying that we wanted to learn certain lessons and experience certain things. Another reason might be that we were so focused on NOT attracting it that we actually called it into our own energy field.

Whatever the situation may be – however it showed up and however it looks for you today, you have the power to rewrite that story!

When I was a kid I used to journal and absolutely loved it. I loved that I could put all of my words, thoughts, and feelings to paper without anyone interrupting me or telling me I was wrong. It was such a fantastic outlet! Then one day someone violated that sacred space I had created for myself so I quit writing altogether.

When I started working with mentors and studying the law of attraction I found that journaling was a big aspect in all of this. Sometimes it was dream journaling and other times it was writing down your greatest fears to release them. For me, the thought of someone reading those journals and invading my private space again was terrifying.

When I picked up Gabby Bernstein’s book May Cause Miracles, I had no freaking clue how tough that was going to be for me. It wasn’t the digging deep or the serious self-work (well ok maybe that had a little to do with it) but the hardest part was physically writing down my deepest fears then having to look at them on paper. After that, I had to write down my deepest desires and look at them on paper.

Something about seeing all of that on paper made it more tangible to me thus making it scarier. The thought of someone else seeing what I had written made me want to cringe simply because of the past.

Let me tell you though – journaling like that, pushing myself like that, helped me to break through walls I never even knew I had.

After I got through Gabby’s book I decided to take things a step further. Until now only two of my coaching client’s knew about this process.

When I decided that I could no longer live the life I had been living …making the same drive to work, seeing and talking to the same people, working for a company that didn’t value its employees, feeling physically ill walking into work, complaining about my day for another 1.5 hours after I got home, etc. etcI knew it was time to make a change.

I didn’t know where I was going to go or what I was going to do but I was dedicated. I started a new ritual for myself and IT WORKED. It took 7 months. 7 months.

My manifesting ritual

  1. First I would ground, clear, and protect.

  2. I would say all the things I was thankful for.

  3. I would journal. Writing about what I wanted my day to look like start to finish. I was specific and even broke it down into time slots.

  4. When it came to my career I was very open-ended about what it was that I would be doing. Instead of a specific job title, I had a list if things that I wanted my new career to include and that was all. The rest I left up to the universe.

  5. Then I would read back over everything that I had written and visualized myself walking through that perfect day.

  6. At the end, I would kiss the page (sounds silly but what is a little extra love going to hurt?)

  7. Next, I would look at my vision board for 5 minutes while reciting all of my affirmations.

  8. I would visualize alllll of the things I desired. The money, the career, the happiness, the closeness with my family.

  9. I would then envision it going up up and up in a purple balloon. This balloon would go alllllll the way up to Source. I would watch it explode into purple glitter and fall back down to me. (symbolic of detaching from the idea and having it come back to me)

  10. Then I would thank the universe and sit there in that feeling for a few minutes.

A great time of day to do this is when that  – 2:30 – I’m too tired to do any more work today – feeling hits.

It was frustrating at times when I didn’t feel that anything was manifesting. I didn’t want to journal some days but I did. I kept it right there in my desk drawer so that I saw it every day and wouldn’t forget. Until this article, I didn’t realize that it only took 7 months. It felt like eons.

If you’ve been struggling then I invite you to accept this gift I shared with you today and try it out. Seriously, I don’t share this with many people. My husband, my friends, no one knew about this besides the two clients mentioned above.

If you want to live a life you’re in love with then give this gift to yourself. Learn how to make positivity flow more easily than the negative. Write down what you want your day to look like. Be vulnerable with the universe and watch how life starts to change for you!

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