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Moving Through Grief – A Poem About Grief

Moving Through Grief – A Poem About Grief

For anyone who has experienced loss I invite you to read this beautiful poem from a dear friend of mine, Marisa Ericson. Marisa lost the love of her life a few years ago and after feeling lost in the darkness without him for so long she leaned on him in spirit instead.

As Marisa moved through her grief and leaned into his love and support on the other side she found not only his grace and guidance for her but she learned things about her own strength and resilience. This poem is about moving through grief, learning through the pain, and growing through the loss with help from the other side.

Moving Through Grief – A Poem About Grief

Since we are the creators of what we wish to see, 

I’ve decided that you are still alive, just inside of me. 

It’s really quite simple, the only thing I have to do,

Is focus on the endless gratitude I feel when I think of you. 

And just like that, your essence begins to blend with mine,

Like strands of DNA that link and intertwine. 

It really helps to have you here- as part of me, 

Because I know you’d love nothing more than to see my soul set free. 

You know I’d do absolutely anything for you, the limits don’t exist,

And that helps me continue on when I begin to feel myself resist. 

Your love gives me the confidence to believe in myself,

I always admired how little you cared about the opinions of anyone else. 

Your passion tempers a richness to all that feeds my soul,

Your certainty will come in good use when self-doubt tries to take control. 

Your spirit is like a spark of revival that emanates from my core

Now that you are part of me I don’t feel as lonely as I did before

Your sense of humor reminds me that life is supposed to be fun,

That if I can keep smiling in the face of pain the battle has already been won. 

Your wisdom is bold and it lights up my mind’s eye,

You always told me that failure is impossible as long as I continue to try. 

Your love is powerful, you somehow reached me through all this grief,

You promised me you’d never leave me and now I truly do believe.  

Your love has transformed me, you exist in everything I do

I love you so so deeply-through loving you, I’ve learned to love me too.

Written by: Marisa Ericson

If you’re trying to process grief I invite you to chat with myself and your spirit team. We can help you to work through it with grace and love.

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