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May 2019 Energy Reading

May Energy Reading

We come to you now to tell you this will be a very lucrative month. This month will bring in abundance from areas not yet thought of. These gifts are to show you that your vibration is rising and the replenishing of your energy is coming back to you. Efforts have been made to change and raise awareness of your emotional state and so we will tell you that as you have been doing this you will see the advantages.

For those that have not been consciously and consistently raising their vibration we tell you that now is a great time to do so.

Please take note of the energies you are putting out and the resting state of your vibration! Is it happy? Sad? Still? Numb? Look to your surroundings and take inventory of what you can change in tiny ways to make it more appealing and uplifting to you.

Can you physically and emotionally declutter spaces in your home or life?

Making space for this new and abundant energy will help you to bring in more of the good vibrations you seek.

This month when it comes to the energy and vibration of others be aware of your own thoughts. Where are you using lacking thoughts? Where are you judging? Can you shift to see this person as a soul instead of from a human level?

When you shift your awareness you will find that you can help them to also shift theirs. We ask all light workers at this time to be a light for others. A threshold at the spiritual door. You do not have to preach your words but teach by actions and vibrations.

Vibration is a universal language felt by all beings! Plants, animals, spirit, and yes humans you all speak the same language when you speak through energy.

Remember this in your interactions especially as you go about this month!

It is a great month for manifesting your desires if you are clear and your vibration is where it should be. Use your affirmations to guide you and open yourself up through prayer and meditation the right things will come your way at the very perfect time!

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