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March 2019 Energy Reading

March 2019 Energy Report

Listen closely to the messages that will follow. We come yo you now with words of wisdom, words of light words of respect for your generation of beings.

We tell you now – all of you now on this planet Earth that the time is coming for broad-spectrum change. We tell you that the things you will see in the coming months, days, and years will change the landscape of everything you have ever known. Yes, this will be for the better but there is attunement and adjustment that must go with this.

This means shedding of layers of emotions and what you would call energetic skin. Shedding and purging of old stuck energies from within. Many of you have no clue how much old energy resides in your body! You must allow your bodies to be lighter, to feel the new light, the new energies. This is why many of you have been called to eat healthier and eliminate toxic substances from your physical bodies. This is why there are many pulls to visit specific spiritually aligned areas such as nature, pyramids, and stone grounds.

You know within you – at a core soul level – that these places will enhance your connection and the divine within will be able to step closer to the surface. It is all happening now! The strong pull to learn, the strong pull to journey deep, the strong pull to understand the energy centers within your body. You might yearn to understand how your brain is just a fraction of the mind but the mind is the central intelligence that is a spiritual being!

You. are. a. spiritual. being!

You all need to hear this right now! We are coming closer and closer to the planet at this time. We are assisting in the transformation of DNA and energetic bodies.

We are bringing with us the light and helping to purge toxicity. This is why you see the negative effects of people and crime and situations and segregation and discrimination happening seemingly all at once. Right now it feels like such a heavy burden to bear at this time.

Remember before you came here your soul had an idea of what would be taking place on Earth during your incarnation and we would like to remind you that you chose to experience life such as it is now because now more than ever this is a monumental moment in the history of your planet.

Just like in the past with Atlantis and other cultures things are drastically even phenomenally shifting. To put this in terms you can all understand we say this – you are being prepped and primed to move into new and lighter and healthier and more vibrant energies.

As a whole, your planet is purging. As an individual you may feel called to explore new things – to tune in more to the physical body – to navigate healthier changes and to speak softer words and live more loving and high vibrational lives while simultaneously feeling as if anger and hurt are escaping from your pores at an uncontrollable rate.

Do not for any reason try to block this process, just sit with it and be and feel and experience and allow it all to happen. It’s ok to feel multiple emotions at once – though confusing it will be incredibly beautiful if you just allow yourself to feel.

So this month take note that things are shifting and all highs will be extremely high and lows will feel unsettling as your body adjusts to its higher vibration. Hang in there! All good things are coming and by June of Earth months by June you will see drastic planetary and individual changes!

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