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March 2018 – Energy Reading

March is about flowing and is about letting all of the possibilities come your way. It is about receiving what you desire while being able to weed out what you do not. In other words, this month is a month to manifest all that you are asking for and then sifting through what you do want and what you thought you needed.

Pay close attention to your asks this month and close attention to where you are blocking yourself.

We mention here abundance limits. Do not limit yourself in certain areas. Do not think that there is guilt or shame to be had when you receive more than you need. This is us giving to you and answering your prayers and requests. What we mean is humans hold so much guilt – guilt in asking for what they want and need and then feeling low vibrational when they get what they ask for. Allow yourself to be open to the gifts of the universe this month.

We understand that there have been immense changes in the weather across the globe. We would like to mention that this is not what you think, this it is nothing bad or nothing that is causing a sense of doom right now. The weather is changing and fluctuating because that is what the earth needs and that is all.

Take the days of comfort and solidarity when you can and get out in Mother Earth when the Earth allows and soak up all that she has to offer.

One thing you don’t always realize is that your mood is so greatly affected by the changing weather and seasons because this is actually what YOU need as well. Certain times call for rest and relaxation while other times there calls for an abundance of energy, feeding the soul and picking up the pace.

The moods and energy levels and the weather are absolutely no coincidence and we would like to bring this to your point of view now as things will continue to fluctuate drastically for the next two months.

Think of yourself and your environment as a tree. The tree needs nothing to survive except what it is given and it only takes what it needs. In terms of the elements, you are the same. Essentially what we are saying is get out of the human body and allow your spirit to guide you when it comes to rest and replenishment.

Trust that we will provide all that you need!

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