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Letting Go Of Control To Get What You Want.

Letting Go Of Control To Get What You Want.

You should know something about me; I am NOT a patient person. In fact, when I decided it was time to get happy, I wanted it to happen right away. I tried to control my journey.

When I started to meditate, I immediately wanted amazing messages with exceptional clarity. I tried to control my skillset. And even now, when I decide something gets to happen for me, I don’t love the wait time between the decision and the manifestation.​

Do you see a pattern? While it looks like what I need is patience, what I am actually searching for is control. I’ll go ahead and say it I am a recovering control freak, and hopefully, after this episode, you will be too!​

The truth is we are all trying to control someone or something.

  1. We try to control how people see us or if they will like us by the way we present ourselves to others. We often hide from who we are when we do this.

  2. Often we try to control other people by demanding or being upset when they respond or react a certain way.

  3. We try to control our manifestations by focusing on them so much and declaring it has to come in a specific way and time.

  4. We lack patience when it comes to developing our intuition and get frustrated when it doesn’t happen when and how we want.

  5. We try to control how other people think by forcing our opinions on them.

  6. We try to control our thoughts and get upset at ourselves when we can’t

My question to you is, is your need for control controlling you?

When we surrender our need for control, we allow space for our manifestations and intuitive messages to come in. Take a look at mindset work and all of the coaches who tell you to “just control your thoughts.” How well does that work for you?​

We can not control our thoughts, other drivers, or life situations, but we can control how we respond to them.

When you learn to surrender your need for control and instead decide to become the conscious observer of your thoughts and reactions, you can control how long you let those negative thoughts stick around. This is how people get happy, manifest, and create those “magical” lives.

In today’s episode, I will teach you the sneaky way your ego-mind tries to control your daily life and how to start to break the habit!

Surrender your control, and life becomes much more beautiful and magical! As you let go of control, life starts to respond to your new energy instead of you responding to it!


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