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Let Go and Let God…?

Let Go and Let God….?

As a medium when I give a reading it’s important for me to pay attention to the messages that are coming through to my client…because often times, they are also messages for me. The Universe is so full of love, guidance, and wisdom and it is meant to be shared. It’s quiet fascinating to me how client’s will come to me that have similar or the same issues going on in their life that I do in mine…at the exact same time. Remember that thing called synchronicity? Well there it is again!

For the past month or so I have been hearing the same phrase repeated both in readings for other people and when in communication with my guides. I think it’s time to pass the message along…

 “Let go and let God”

“Let go and let God” simply means to detach from the situation at hand and let the Universe take care of it. Quit trying to rush things, quit trying to force things, just let things unfold as they may. I am going to be 100% real with ya, I can be a pretty impatient somebody! When I get an idea or I have something I want to happen, I tend to think it needs to happen instantaneously!

Patience is something that my guides started telling me to work on….ohhh, I don’t know… about a year ago?

When I was starting to open my gifts I wanted them to be wide open right away! Well I experienced that once and it scared the crap out of me so since then they decided I needed to take it slow. I didn’t understand at first, I knew I had the capabilities and I felt I was ready for ALL OF IT NOW, but that wasn’t the case…the Universe always has your back.

Let me explain,

About a year ago I started really giving readings, most of the time for free. I didn’t know how important grounding was or how to end the session to detach from their energy. I started getting moody, exhausted, and flighty. Then I figured out a new process to give readings (I wrote all about it in this e-guide) and that is when everything changed. Readings were easier, clearer, and I learned how to get my energy back.

Fast forward to a few months ago and I was doing back to back readings and then…nothing! I talked to my guides about it and I just kept hearing “patience, once you learn patience…it will come.” Again, I was doing too many readings at once and not giving myself enough time to recoop! Now I know how to space them out just right so I don’t get drained.

“I figured that out, now what is next on my path?” Frantic, I searched for answers and constantly thought about my next move. I kept hearing “Let go and let GOD, detach from the outcome and all will fall into place.” Not exactly what I wanted to hear but I’ve learned to trust the Universe.

When I detached the answers came and when they did I literally heard “we told you to have patience and you’re doing much better. See what can happen when you detach? Remember to let go and let God.”

The phase has come up in two of my readings recently as well and I can say with confidence … LET GO AND LET GOD.

You are supported, you are loved, and you are being guided. Whether you can feel, hear, see, or not…just trust that it’s happening. If you have a dream,  start taking steps towards it! If it’s scary…that’s ok! Do you think telling the world I talk to dead people was an easy task? Well alright then!

Take that leap of faith…but remember to detach!

A lesson from the law of attraction…think about what you want, visualize it happening, thank the universe as if you already have it. Three minutes. Focus on this for a solid three minutes and then detach. I like to visualize a bubble floating up… up, up, and up to space and then bursting. This is my sign to the Universe that I have detached for the day and it’s in their hands now.

With consistency, love, and PATIENCE…it can happen!

So surrender your negative emotions, your fear of not having enough, your rush to the finish line, and let the Universe take care of the rest.

With love and light,


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