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Keeping The Peace – VLOG!

No matter how zen you try to be, life, people, and situations are going to push your buttons. It’s not always easy to keep a positive head but we can try, right?

So many of us are negative thinkers and speakers and yet we are completely unaware of it. I used to be one of them and many people I know still are. It can be hard to be around sometimes and can even feel like a tug o’ war within my own vibration.

One thing I have noticed since I’ve changed my mindset is that even though I’m trying to be all sunshine and rainbows it doesn’t always work. Though it would be nice if it did! The biggest thing I have to work on is not getting upset with people (those closest to me) for not changing their own mindset and ways that they live their lives.

Not that I judge them but as an empath and as a healer, I tend to get so wrapped up in wanting to help and fix that I get frustrated with others when they don’t see the beauty that this life holds. I get so frustrated when I know that they could have so much more, could treat themselves so much better, and still choose not too. It’s upsetting to me to see people I love so dearly feel that everyone is out to get them when really their own worst enemy lies within themselves.

When I am feeling this way, when I am starting to judge others, I take a step back and remember this is their journey. It’s not mine. They chose the lessons they need to learn and I chose mine.

No matter who you are or what your profession anger, hurt, and pain are all human emotions and they will surface from time to time. Let them, just don’t get stuck there!

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