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June 2019 Energy Report

June Energy Reading

June will be a month of repetition – a month of change as well. What we mean is that repeated patterns and life situations will be brought up seemingly all at once. This is a chance for you to finally and with confidence work through them to say goodbye to old habits and cut cords with what is no longer serving you.

This beloved is where that change comes from as well. As you shift out of old patterns you will make space for new and abundant energies to come in. Fear not about the patterns that will surface as they are simply a reflection of what is left to heal. This will be made evident to you and will look like you can laugh and shake your head as this is about as “in your face” as it will get with us.

We are coming up on a new moon and a new shift in energy at this time. You may have been feeling lethargic over the past month or so and this too shall change. It has been due to a huge purge in energy and toxins from both the physical and energetic bodies It is sustainable to move and elevate into new and higher vibrations and to finally – confidently stay there as you wish. For you to do this you must seek shelter in your own skin.

Appreciate who you are on all divine levels. Sit with yourself, be with yourself, nurture yourself and put yourself and your own healing forward in whatever way that looks.

Heal your relationship with money – this money it is ready to find you! New jobs and promotions and opportunities await those in the coming months who are ready to finally and consistently do the work. You must surrender the resistance in your physical body to receive the extra light and manifestations of the universe at this time.

You are all divine beings and deserve to be treated as such. In this matter, we would like to tell you-you all make this so much harder than it has to be. It is not hard to manifest. It is not hard to live a life that is enjoyable to you.

All you humans, you create the resistance by allowing negative thoughts to block you and this is also true with your own physical body healings. we tell you this now a universal secret not known to all over many lifetimes.

You’re the creator of your reality but we are the manufacturers! You place your orders and we fulfill for you to receive your orders as they are always in the processing mode. You must be open to receive them and a good way to do this is through visualizing. See your guide coming towards you at the front door of your dreams with special deliveries every single day. This visualization says you are open to receive and sign for your orders that we have been waiting to process. The “boxes” are piling up over here!

Be grateful for what you do not yet have and trust that it’s on your way! Energy manipulation – energy manipulation – manipulation this means that you have the ability to change the energy around you at all times. Don’t waste your focus on what is not for you focus all of your energy on what you wish to receive try this now!

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