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JULY 2019 Energy Report

The month of July is going to be a big month in the awakening process of each individual and the planet Earth. It is a time to shed layers of the skin that you have outgrown. Just like a snake who sheds old skin to reveal beautiful new scales and shiny glowing skin you too should be aware that this change is happening not only on an individual level but also a planetary level. 

Things in your realm have been changing for quite some time but we tell you it is all for the better. We have said this and we will continue to as we are the keepers of the light and divine peace. We come to you with open hearts, light, and gifts to share gifts of abundance and resilience and love and prosperity.If you only allow yourself to feel and to tap into us! 

We ask for unity amongst you and your fellow man at this time. Find love in humans that you think you loathe, forgive them, help to release them so they too may shed old layers.

Something you all may typically forget is that you are working as a unit! Each and every single being on earth is there for a reason and a purpose and there is polarity which means light and darkness but without the darkness, one can not truly appreciate the light. 

Some souls have essentially sacrificed their good karma for the unity of humanity and from the bleak perspective of hurt and pain this seems tremendously outrageous for us to say to forgive and thank and even love those that you think are doing a disservice to you or the world at large. But dear one, you have got to let go of the idea of separateness and embrace and embody the idea that all is the love, you are the love, we are love and yes even they the disobedient hurtful ones are love. 

We bring this heavy message to you today to tell you that the earth is transforming and for you to help speed the process. Be and embody love for all living beings – all of them – every single breathing creature, cell, plant, and animal! You are all one! 

Your soul as individuals have specific jobs to do and it is why you are here. Please embrace this blessing to be on earth at this incarnate time as it is one for the ”history books” enjoy the ride and get ready for all of life’s transitions. 

Stick close to the water and cleanse yourselves in the oceans and lakes. It is a total and vital energy reset when you feel dragging or as if you have taken on too much or the absorption of others is becoming too much.

 Reset, utilize the earth and her resources for all that they are. They are there for your loving use not for the gain of those who mistreat her. She is your rock and provides all you need so take care of her at this time. 

The earth is transitioning and you too are as well darlings. We could go on and on and on but our message today is embody love for all creatures to help the world to heal and make the transition better for all on your planet now!

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