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January 2018 – Energy Reading

The energies of this month may seem calmer than usual and infant things may seem to be at a slower pace. You may feel as though things were going so fast and so rampant and now someone has almost put on the breaks. We ask you to acknowledge this slow time and breathe it in. For things have not slowed down but they have evened out so to speak and you all have adjusted to the changing vibrations.

The “shift” you all have been anticipating (which has actually been happening for the past 10-15 Earth years) has really started to take precedence and has really started to peel away as you might say.

The best way for us to show you this is to imagine a venn diagram where the old energies and new energies are overlapping at this point, intersecting in the middle. The reason we fill you in on this is to let you know that while you may feel this sense of stagnant energy it is not so! Those aligned with us will start to see things happen with ease and the signs will be in abundance that we are listening and that you are on the right track. It will feel as if they are coming from left and right.

Right now is the time of great awakening where you and those who are spiritually attuned will feel almost as if you are living in an alternate reality from those whom are coinciding right next to you. What we mean is for those of you aligned, you will begin to see and feel the “magic” in the air. You will see your immune systems strengthen and you will be forwarded by impending knowledge of any illnesses manifesting so that you can take the reigns and act quickly.

What we mean is you all who are aware or even just wish to be aware will be made much more aware of what is going on within your being and around you. It will feel as if new psychic abilities have risen but really all it is is the shift in energies in which we have allowed for more clarity on your part…this is here to stay! Enjoy it and try not to read too much into it as if to say “what is happening”?

We encourage you now to lead by example. To not try to pull those next to you over to your “new world and ways of seeing” but to simply act, show, and express what it is you’re experiencing. This is the best way to get them to become curious because remember, in these times, as long as one is curious then we can start to show them.

The hardest part with all of this will be living next to those who have not felt the shift and who are not ready to feel the shift.

They may seem more negative, challenging of your beliefs, and pervasive when it comes to your actions of living a more spiritual life. Do not pity them, do not argue with them, do not try to change their opinion. Simply appreciate where they are on their path and keep acting on yours. In a sense, be their sage! Show them the way without using your words.

The last thing you may have noticed or may start to notice this month and even last is a change in children around you. They may seem more emotionally intune. More caring, more giving, more empathic.

They have felt the shift in a way that you adults have not yet come to understand. Children will start to challenge adults with questions of existence and serve persistence while also showing compassion they had recently not exhibited. Embrace this and allow them, the children, the star seeds, to be YOUR teachers. They have a new way of viewing life, situations, and things, If you listen they will show all of you what it is you need to be paying attention to to shift your planet’s vibration.  

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