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Insecurities And Vulnerability, How Can They Help You?

Insecurities And Vulnerability, How Can They Help You?

Today we talk about vulnerability and insecurities. I am here to drum up uncomfortable feelings so that you can release them and finally shine like the divine light that you are. What I am asking you to do today is witness yourself from an unbiased position. I will guide you to do this with the help of your highest self to get you to your most ruthless and vulnerable state possible. Together we are going to crush insecurities and boldly move into our loving and most authentic selves.

Insecurities bring old stories to the surface!

Insecurity is a part of the human experience. We aren’t born with it, but somehow over time, it creeps in. It is the small voice in your head that tells you you aren’t pretty enough, good enough, or that something you love couldn’t possibly last.

Insecurity is the ego talking, and it will quickly pull the rug out from under you if you let it!

I’ve had incredible seasons in life where I was highly confident in who I was. During those seasons, I didn’t think twice about what others thought about me because, honestly, I didn’t care, I had unwavering confidence. On the flip side, however, there have also been times that no matter how much I worked out, how much makeup I put on, and how much money was in the bank, I doubted myself on all levels.

  1. Your insecurities can be loud enough for everyone to see yet quiet enough to sneak up on you. When insecurities creep up on you, you often don’t even notice how they have already sabotaged you.

  2. Vulnerability puts you in charge of your insecurities. It is allowing yourself to be seen as you are. Being vulnerable is knowing you’re insecure in certain areas and showing up anyway.

  3. What happens when we are vulnerable is that we look fear in the face and say, “I see you. Fear, can not sneak up on me because I see you, and I am choosing bravery and self-love over you, now take a seat.”

Being vulnerable takes courage. It is being honest about who you are and what you like. Vulnerability is often scary.

We allow our insecurities to tell us to hide, but hiding separates us from who we are at our core. When we deprive ourselves of what we truly love, we deny ourselves. As we deny ourselves, we push farther and farther from our higher selves. Do you see?

Have you ever wondered why you feel lost, alone, or unsettled when everything seems to be running smoothly? I’ll tell you! It’s a disconnection from yourself and your divine truth. Be unapologetically you! Be vulnerable. Say what the heck you mean!

How to use vulnerability to your advantage and smash insecurities.

Fix your posture, smile, and radiate confidence.

Sometimes babe, ya just gotta fake it until you make it. Posture paints a grand picture of a person. Slouching, talking low, and looking at the ground, says, “I am insecure, maybe depressed, and probably don’t love my life.” Standing tall, smiling, making eye contact, and being direct in a loving way, says, “wow, she’s really got her life together.”

I challenge you to stand in the mirror and do both. How do you feel from one scenario to the next? Can you feel the energy shift? Can you see your eyes light up or dim? Where are your thoughts going during these times? When you slouch, do you automatically think negative thoughts and go to an insecure place, and when you stand up tall, do you feel confident?

Practice standing tall, smiling, and making eye contact for a week and notice the shift in your energy and how people respond to you! Sure, it’s going to feel awkward at first, and I don’t want you to act like a sleazy salesman just be you.

Who are you at your core? What does the most confident, abundant, and happy version of you look like in your mind? Practice being that person it will help crush those insecurities!

Shine A Light On Your Insecurities

It might help to grab a notebook and some tissues for this exercise…just warning ya.

  1. Sit down and get comfortable.

  2. Take some deep breaths and connect to yourself.

  3. Ask your EGO to step forward (yes, you read that right).

  4. Ask your ego to tell you all the things about yourself that you don’t like.

  5. Write them down.

  6. Then ask your ego to tell you what you should be insecure about.

  7. Write them down.

  8. Now tell your ego to get back and call the higher self forward.

  9. Ask your higher self why your ego brought these things up.

  10. You can then ask your higher self to show you if they are really true or not.

  11. Ask your higher self how you can see an advantage to each one of these qualities! How you can use them to heal yourself now that you’ve shined a light on them.

  12. Then finally ask your higher self how and where you can cut yourself a break.

  13. How can you start to be gentler and kinder with yourself?

  14. Can you see what maybe you do have more accomplishments than you realize, that you are stunning no matter what anyone says, and that you do have people (and spirits) that love you?

This exercise is about breaking through layers of insecurity and identifying where you are lying to yourself. It teaches you to be brave and vulnerable with yourself to bust through those limitations.

After doing this exercise, you should feel a significant shift in your energy and begin to release those insecurities!

Finally, call out your insecurities and face your fears!

I will be the first to admit I stayed away from public video for a long time. Youtube scared me because there was a new level of vulnerability that came with it. It was now me that people were seeing, not just my words. Sure I have video courses, but those were made for people that I know love and support my work.

The only way to work through fears is to show up for them. When you observe any thought or feeling, you suddenly become the one in control.

Observing your thoughts and feelings takes work. Being vulnerable enough to take on your insecurities takes heart…a lot of it.

The very minute you recognize limiting self-talk, insecurities, or negative self-behavior, you take it’s power away! You stop feeding the ego and strengthen a bond with yourself. You say, “Hey, enough is enough! I see you. I won’t let you treat me this way any longer!”

You wouldn’t let your kid be followed around by the school bully and just watch, would you? The ego is the bully, and you are the kid. Keep the ego in check!

Your insecurities are powerful, and they want to take you down. Still, your vulnerability is sacred, and it’s brave, and it’s bright! Your vulnerability will take you farther than your fear ever could!

I will leave you with this. You’re stronger than you know. You are more loved than you could ever see and believe it or not, you’re brave. If you were put in a survival situation, you would figure your way out, and now is that time. You can find your way out of the bleak and meh to the exciting, abundant, and joyful life you deserve. And yes…you CAN because you’re YOU and it’s YOUR turn!

Spiritual Coaching worked wonders for me in uncovering many truths about myself, especially where I was holding myself back. My coach was raw with me. She showed me the stories I was telling myself, and together we reprogrammed my mindset for success and happiness. I’ve been thriving ever since.

I’m going to help you do the same. I promise if you put in the work, we will make lasting changes for a better you and a better trip around the sun!

I love you so much! Ashley

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