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How To Set Up Your Own Sacred Space On A Budget

Everyone deserves a special little space of their own, even if that space is just a cozy little corner in the basement! Let’s talk about how you can make your own sacred space!

Recently I was talking with a student of the Intuitive Development Course and we ran into what she thought was a little problem. I am sure that most of you can relate which is why I am here today to solve your issue!

A sacred space is a space that is just for you; a little place that you can retreat to in times of need or for spiritual practices. This space does not have to be big and could be pretty much anywhere. The issue that most of us run into (aside from finding the space) is keeping others out of it.

I live with a husband, a kid, and two very big and loud dogs. I get your dilemma, trust me! Luckily for me, however, my boys are pretty good at respecting my boundaries but the dogs…not so much.

These boundaries have not always been feasible, however. While we were remodeling our house I lived in a home with 4 adults, two teenage girls, a baby, and two dogs. There was not a moment that some kind of noise or commotion was going on. Yet somehow, I still managed to find a little space to call my own even though I shared a room with my husband and son.

Your sacred space should have the following qualities

  1. It should be comfy

  2. The energy of the space needs to be clear (not heavy or negative)

  3. It must be relaxing to you

  4. The space should be welcoming and inviting to you!

  5. It needs to be easily accessible

During our remodel I was about as stressed as one could be. I mean, I had to move back home with mom and this time with the whole family in tow!

We were in the middle of nowhere yet it felt so crowded! Every day after work I would come home and retreat to my shared room and spend 5-10 minutes just unwinding…or at least I tried.

My sisters would come in asking to borrow something, my mom would want to know if everything was ok, my husband needed to fill me in on the house. It made me want to scream…not because I didn’t love them. I just needed a little space, 5-10 minutes was all.

Before I completely lost my mind I decided to purge as much as I could from our room. Then I put a curtain up in between my half of the room and my son’s crib. Next, I rearranged a little bit, got myself a candle, and created a little-sacred nook.

Each night I would wait until my son had been asleep for about 30 minutes and then I would sit on the floor on top a little pillow and meditate.My technique worked because no one wants to wake a sleeping baby for fear of what the mother might do to them. Therefore no interruptions! 🙂

So you see, you can make it work even if you have little to NO space and a million people on top of you. Get creative and I’m sure you can find your own sacred time and space.

Here is what you need to make your space sacred

(with links to some of my favorite items! )

  1. A corner, nook, or room to call your own

  2. Try to set it up somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight during the day. This will energize and cleanse the space.

  3. A comfortable chair or pillow to sit on

  4. A blanket always makes things cozier

  5. Colors and patterns that make you happy

  6. Some crystals and stones

  7. A candle or 5

  8. Some sage to clear any old or stagnant energies

  9. A journal and pen for any epiphanies or ideas that come through

  10. Headphones…so you can meditate and block everyone out

  11. Maybe some incense or an essential oil diffuser

  12. A piece of art or picture that makes you happy

  13. Any special little trinkets or pieces of nature you have (I have a little turtle made of volcanic ash my mother got me when I was 10)

  14. And if you have room for it, a plant! Plants cleanse the air and raise the vibrations of their space

This may look like a long list but just one of each of these things can make your space so sacred and special to you.

You want your space to be cozy, comfortable, and happy. Once you start retreating to this place and setting boundaries with your family, they will know this is your time! Whether you get up before everyone else or go to bed after everyone else it’s important to have this time to yourself. Just setting aside 30 minutes of you time will make such a HUGE difference in all areas of your life!

My office is now my sacred space; it’s where I do readings, meditate, and work. It also feels like the happiest place in my entire house and it did not always feel that way! In fact it was the dingiest, dirtiest, place in the house when we bought it!

You don’t need to go out and buy stuff for your space either! Just find some pieces of fabric from around the house to soften a solid piece of furniture. Add a few items from the list above and voila! You’ve got yourself a sacred space!

P.S. Do your best to try to make this a low traffic area of the home so that it’s mostly your energy in the space.

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