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How to let good things come to you?

How to let good things come to you?

I feel like nowadays there is constant talk about leaning back or leaning in, honestly, what does that mean and how do you do it? Basically, to lean back and to lean in means to surrender, but surrendering ain’t easy, y’all! And simply repeating the affirmation to surrender doesn’t work – I’ve tried! So, how do we actually allow the good things to come to us?

How do we surrender enough or lean in enough to accept the good things that are trying to find us?

I had a massive breakthrough recently about receiving. I shifted everything entirely and literally broke down a 27-year-old wall that blocked the good things from coming! 

The truth is, I don’t think you can allow all of the good things to flow to you until you’re actually ready. It’s the hard truth, but it’s the truth. And, again, saying you’re ready doesn’t actually mean you’re ready – again, I’ve tried! 

How to allow good things to come to you comes down to one easy formula:

A willingness to see where you’ve denied yourself love + the decision to allow love of all forms in = good things come to you quickly and abundantly! 

Start with observing

What role do you play in most of your relationships? How do you act when someone gives you something or you get a big payment? What feelings come up for you when someone does something kind for you with no expectation?

Witness these things and don’t judge or try to force any changes immediately. When we become witnesses, we can choose to shift. And when we shift, our vibration rises! That shift in vibration coupled with a willingness to receive calls the good things to us! 

Write it out

Now that you’ve sat with these things and witnessed them, journal about them! Write down the same questions as above and invite your higher self to join you! When you get a paragraph or two, ask “and what is beneath this?” Once you do this a few times, you will see the profound and deeply buried information that comes through! 

Decide what you want! 

Honestly, friend, having affirmations isn’t enough. You’ve got to believe the things you’re telling yourself. You’ve got to “change your mind,” literally. To do this, you’ve got to do the work from 360 degrees, meaning you’ve gotta do the shadow work, the mindset work, the spiritual work, all of it. Without the shadow work, you can’t be completely honest with yourself. Speaking of shadow work, here is a direct quote from a client who just did shadow work in my course: 

“Hey Ash, thank you! I was not interested in this class. I wanted to take the healing class…but let me tell you how happy I am about this experience. I love this class. Is it not what I expected, it is so much more…and it was perfect timing. I keep hearing about shadow work/mirror work. I just told my husband wtf is this? I am so tired of people repeating the same BS! I know I was meant to hear this message (regarding shadow work). This is my favorite class and excuse my french but it’s good shit!”

The work we put in is the work we get out when doing self and spiritual work. The beginning is often the hardest, but once you get going, you will naturally start to see your patterns and notice slips in your vibration! So you won’t go as deep down the rabbit hole AND it will be so easy to jump out when you do! 

Coaching is really the best way to break barriers and to begin to allow the good things to come to you!

Whether it is one-on-one or through a video course, coaching is what will support your efforts the most. I say this because I myself had my biggest breakthroughs while working with a coach. Reading and absorbing the information is great, but being in the vibration of someone who wants to help you shift is the key ingredient to making it happen! Whether you choose me or another, do yourself the favor and invest in your happiness because I can’t even explain to you the freedom it brings! 

You can’t receive if you don’t decide what you want! 

  1. Really, really decide what you want and why.

  2. Do you want new clothes because they make you feel good and confident? Is a promotion at work or new clients what you desire? If so, why? I doubt it’s just the money. 

  3. What can money do for you?

  4. What will it bring? Do you actually desire new clients to help more people? Do you desire the promotion because it’s time to alleviate stress and focus more on your family vs the financial struggle?

  5. Write your desires down along with why you deserve them and what good your having these things is going to bring to the world! 

  6. Allow good things to come to you through forgiveness! 

Without giving my biggest secrets away (you’ll have to work with me to get those), I still want to help you shift! So, the most significant thing you’re going to have to do is forgive. Forgive whoever or whatever made you believe you can’t have the things you desire. 

The exercise of forgiveness has changed my life time and time again and it’s usually the one I procrastinate on the most. 

  1. Forgiveness helped me set myself free from anger and years of resentment from my father. After not speaking for years, we now have a great relationship. 

  2. Forgiveness helped me raise my vibration and change generational programming. 

  3. Most recently, forgiveness helped me see that I had a massive amount of guilt and shame around receiving. 

The guilt came from being called “spoiled” as a child when people who loved me would buy me things. I stopped being willing to receive openly probably around 5 or 6 because it felt bad, wrong, and like I was inconveniencing someone. 

Recently, through this exercise of forgiveness, I realized that people give us things or buy us things because they LOVE us, not because we are “spoiled” or anything is wrong with us.

People are giving as a way of showing love and support, so when we feel guilty about receiving things, we are telling the universe we feel guilty about receiving love! 

When you realize that those who give, support, and provide for you are doing so out of love and nothing else, you can shift entirely. If you can let it click that receiving is to allow more love in, you cn let all of the good things come to you in massive amounts – and quickly! 

I bet this article hit you hard huh? Have you spent years holding yourself back in similar ways and for similar reasons? I suggest these three offerings to help you shit right now!

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